When you are preparing for your pool maintenance and routine to get your pool cleaned, pool vacuuming is an important part of getting your pool’s cleanliness in order. There are plenty of things to think about, but when you get your pool vacuuming done, you can see a major difference. In this article, we are going to talk about pool maintenance and making this pool season the best yet.

pool maintenance

Pool Maintenance for a Beautiful Pool

Having a pool installed is only the beginning. After you have your pool installed, you need to keep up with proper pool maintenance. Without a proper pool cleaning, your pool can go downhill quickly. This is why it is important that you plan on taking good care of your swimming pool before you get started with the installation. Whether you plan on having your pool maintained by a pool service or you want to do the work yourself, you need to get the plan taken care of.

Vacuuming Your Pool

pool maintenance

Many pool owners decide they want to go with an automatic pool cleaner since it makes things much easier, but if you want to go about things manually, you can do this with basic cleaning equipment. This is how you manually vacuum an inground swimming pool for proper pool maintenance.

  1. Attach the vacuum’s head and the pole together and then attach the vacuum hose to the vacuum head.
  2. Lower the vacuum’s head to the pool’s bottom and use a hand-over-hand movement to sink the vacuum hose. You will want to work from the part attached to the head towards the free end. This is done to remove air from the hose. Water will run out of the hose when you have done it properly.
  3. The opening at the back of the skimmer should have the free end connected to it after you’ve taken the skimmer basket off.
  4. At the filter slab, turn off the main control valve, and turn the control valve that is attached to your skimmer to off until your pump activates. Then you will open it a little bit until the pump is able to be hard running smoothly again.
  5. Imagine that you are vacuuming a rug and vacuum the bottom of the swimming pool the same way. If you have a very dirty pool, you might need to empty the pump’s strainer while you are doing this.
  6. Don’t lift the vacuum’s head until you have gone back to the filter slab to open any of the valves you have closed.

pool maintenance

These easy instructions will help you with pool maintenance and lets you know how to do pool vacuuming. Keeping your pool clean is an important part of making sure that your pool has a long lifetime. If you need any help with pool related issues, please reach out to us. We will be glad to help you since we have over 30 years of experience in the pool industry. Whether you are getting a new installation or an upgrade, we are the right company to work with.

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