Having a swimming pool in your backyard is quite glamorous. From hosting parties to enjoying a relaxing day, pool ownership is exciting. But one aspect often gets overlooked – pool maintenance. A clean pool is crucial for enjoying a great outdoor time in your pool.

Check Pool Chemistry

The skimmer installed in your pool scans the pool’s surface for debris. Ensure that you do a periodical check of the skimmer for maintaining a clean pool. Effective skimming will help to clear the pool from all kinds of debris. Check for an access panel on your deck. Dump the debris content in this panel. Remember to clean this panel periodically as well. Apart from skimming, you will need to scrub the pool sides to prevent algae buildup. Thankfully, you don’t have to clean very often. Look for the algae buildup and plan your maintenance accordingly.

Pool cleaning Temecula

Take Care Of Your Pool’s Filter

The pool filter is responsible for removing the impurities from water – dirt, leaves, or even small toys. Turn off your filter, remove the cap, and clear the filter basket. Replace the clean basket once you have removed everything. This simple cleaning process works most times perfectly. You may need to do this routine at least once every week.

Do not forget the pipes. Your filter system uses pies for cleaning purposes. Clean these pies once a month by backwashing. Set your filter to ‘’backwash’’, clear out the leaf basket and clean it out. Let your pump run until clear water comes out of the waste pipe. Be cautious about turning on or turning off the filter frequently. This action may cause cracks in the filtering mechanism. Set a timer and allow your pump to run for about six hours a day.

Maintain Constant Chemical Levels

Chemical levels are undoubtedly the prime aspect of maintaining a clean pool. Chemical imbalance causes skin and eye irritation, makes your water look dull, and your pool becomes a breeding ground for bacteria.

Cyanuric Acid: It protects chlorine from sunlight and determines the free chlorine levels. An ideal reading should be between 30-50.

Free Chlorine: It helps to eliminate germs and keeps your pool clean

PH Level: Also known as acidity, this needs to be maintained between 7.5-7.8. These levels will help you prevent irritation and protect your pool’s equipment from eroding.

Water testing is now easy with testing kits. Just fill a sample of your pool’s water in these kits. Add the given solution, and you can see the water change color after some time. Refer your kit’s manual to understand the meaning of the color.

pool maintenance

Check The Water Level

Like chemical composition, physical water levels are also crucial for a clean pool. Water levels tend to vary after a rainstorm or after kids doing cannonballs. Maintain your water level that is halfway through the skimmer opening. Do you think the water level is too low? You can use a garden hose to add excess water. Are water levels too high? Use a submersible pump to drain out extra water.

Bear in mind about your pool’s material. Is your pool made of fiberglass or vinyl material? Then the submersible pump may cause damage to your pool’s surface. Seek professional help to prevent damages.

Regular maintenance will keep your pool sparkling and clean. Having a refreshing pool invites you to take a dip and make your day enjoyable. Keeping a check on certain key maintenance factors will let you own a magnificent and hygienic pool.

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