North Georgia Pool and Spa Options

What Should I Avoid When Building My Dream Pool? So you’re ready to build a pool or maybe just ready to think about it, that’s great! Building a North Georgia pool and spa can seem overwhelming with all the options available. With these simple steps you can alleviate some confusion and avoid future issues with

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Natural Waterfall Designs

Do You Hear That? Waterfalls give an alluring sound that relaxes us, what better way to compliment the beautiful sound than with a beautiful naturalistic setting? A natural waterfall design will suit your Chattanooga swimming pool gracefully. This organic stone setting is able to be adapted to fit all budgets, backyards, and styles. Deciding to

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Pool Companies in Chattanooga

Who Are The Pool Building Experts In Your Area? Premier Pools and Spas is the nation’s leading pool building company. With locations spreading throughout the nation, having a company in your area is guaranteed. Our North Georgia branch services spread from Northern Georgia up to Chattanooga, TN. That's why it's guaranteed to find our pool

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In Ground Pools, Installation in the Off season

WHY THE OFF SEASON? A lot of thought goes into deciding to install an in ground pool. Feeling the warmth of spring can entice homeowners to start building in ground pools, but planning construction in fall or winter has its advantages. Whether you’re in a remote area or urban setting of Chattanooga, the process of building

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Chattanooga Swimming Pool Materials

Gunite, Fiberglass, Vinyl... Which Material is Best for your Chattanooga Swimming Pool? See what option is best for you. We will give you a sense of what material is ideal for your area, budget, and desired look. GUNITE One of the most durable options for your Chattanooga swimming pool is a gunite pool. Construction of

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