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Pet Safety: Keeping Your Pet Safe When Swimming

If you have a pool on your Tucson property, it's best to teach your furry friend how to swim. If the pet refuses to swim or doesn't have the physical ability to do it, then make sure the pool is safely gated. The ability to swim will depend on the breed. Specific dogs can swim

Pets and the Poolside

While enjoying the summer sun, you may be spending your days along the poolside with your pets. If you want to have fun with your pooch poolside, there is plenty to do safely with your pup. In this article, we are going to talk more about your pets and being by the pool. Pets and

Pools and your pets- Pets in the pool?

Summer is a time when people are relaxing and cooling down by the pool. If you are fortunate to have a swimming pool in your backyard, then your furry friend most likely loves to spend time with you when you are enjoying the water. Most dogs love hanging out in or around the swimming pool.

Who Let the Dogs Out?

Do your dogs love to swim? Most do! If building your pet their own dog pool isn't in your budget, perhaps a visit to a doggy day care or doggy hotel is, as many of them are now building pet pools for pets to play in! Man's Best Friend Loves To Swim These days, people go to great lengths

8 Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe Around the Pool

Memorial day is right around the corner, and for millions of pool owners, that means your pool will be open for the season! There are a couple things to plan for, but most the most important is safety. As we all know, children should always be supervised in and around pools, but did you know you should

Not Your Typical Pool Party

You might be used to your pet dogs wanting to enjoy your pool. But a family vacationing in Redmond, WA were in for a surprise when they noticed a bathing moose in the pool! This is not the first time a moose has been spotted taking a dip in a swimming pool, but they were lucky

Dogs and Water: Why Your Pet Loves to Swim

Pets all react to water differently. But we all know dogs love water more than cats, right? Well, it's not quite as easy as that, most dogs love the water, but some breeds (like heavier breeds, breeds with short snouts, and breeds with short legs) tend to sink more than swim. And some curious-cats LOVE to