When you’re installing a pool in your Temecula home, you want to be able to dive in and enjoy it straight away. However, pool building might take time, and you need to plan in advance if you want a smooth pool building process. So what’s the length of pool building? Here we check out the various elements you should consider, to provide you with the best time frame.

length of pool building

Length of pool building and the stages involved include:

Design & permitting – 1 – 8 weeks

It’s often difficult to estimate this stage. Our use of 3D modeling makes the design process easy as well. There will probably be a lot of phases while our expert team works with you to design your dream Temecula pool. Here at Premier Pools, we have many years of knowledge working together with municipalities. But based on your geographical area, the process can be easy or a long process.

The big dig- I – week

Once the design and permits are ready, the professionals schedule excavation. This process is usually fast, but a few things do impact the length of pool building such as having to work around utility lines, accessing the yard, and more. In many cases, it only takes a day or two to complete this process.

Steel, plumbing, electrical – 1 – 2 weeks

We lay the steel, route the plumbing and electrical after excavating the pool is dug, and ensure all things are set for a long-term backyard pool. There are many things to build, which include water features, systems, spas, lighting and more. This process is relatively fast and can take around two weeks. But it will depend on your pool’s complexity and size.

length of pool building

Gunite, plastering, fiberglass, vinyl – 1 to 3 weeks

If you want to install a fiberglass or vinyl pool, the process is relatively simple. This is because the factory-made liner is brought to the site for installation. If you are planning to install a gunite pool, however, this needs more time. We need to schedule the gunite crew, after which plaster, and let the gunite to cure (often taking up to one week).

Deck, landscaping, custom features – 1 to 4 weeks

Lastly, before you can enjoy your Temecula backyard pool is the addition of your custom lighting, landscaping, waterfalls, deck, and more. It’s now time to fill the pool, and our crew is finalizing to make your swimming pool your own. This process will depend greatly on what kind of custom features we are installing for you and how many.

On average it takes 8 to 12 weeks to complete

It’s time to enjoy your backyard oasis! While it might seem the building process is taking long, taking 8 – 12 weeks (deducting additional time for getting permits in more challenging places ), the total time for you to enjoy your backyard oasis, two to three months, looks like a great payoff.

length of pool building

Want more advice about length of pool building?

If you want more advice about length of pool building, or what’s the installation process of a Temecula pool, please contact Premier Pools & Spas of Temecula today. Our warm and friendly personnel will be glad to answer your questions!

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