How you can throw a Memorial Day Pool Party so as to host a spectacular party, as well!

Invites: keep it simple!

You do not have to invite everybody at your workplace or your entire neighborhood to host a fun Memorial Day pool party and barbecue. You need to set a limit on the number of your guests and only invite family and friends who you no doubt know will attend. Send out invites via Facebook or email to make it organized and simple.

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Provide games and toys

Adults and children alike love playing, so have amazing toys in the area. Make sure you have lots of beach balls, inflatable toys, and other swimming pool toys, such as a floating ring throw game. You can also purchase a net for your swimming pool, and play water volleyball.

Pool party decorations

A white and red checkered tablecloth comes in plastic form. If your outlet does not have the checkered type, just select a solid red. Purchase Solo blue bowls and plates not to mention, red Solo cups. Plastic knives, forks, and spoons are the best option as well, but, do not get the absolute cheapest. Buy utensils with a bit of weight to them. Nothing worse compared to a plastic fork tine breaking off into your potato salad! Get some patriotic-themed napkins at the shop and your table setting is complete!

Now for a super-easy showpiece! Simply buy some small, affordable flags on sticks (these are all over right before Memorial Day). Purchase a beautiful, red geranium from your local nursery and then stick some small, affordable flags in.

Involving your kids in the Memorial Day Pool Party preparation process is really a good idea. Your children will feel important and have them involved in making some pool party decorations will not only keep them busy, but will as well offer some terrific bonding time between you and them.

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The menu

A Hot Dog Bar is the ideal choice for serving a huge crowd and keeping your prices manageable. Have the guests contribute the side meals such as a veggie tray, mac & cheese, baked beans, potato salad and you will have a fantastic engaging, food-friendly Memorial Day Pool Party. Of course, you can even scale your hot dog bar up by buying gourmet sausages and hotdogs and having various bread, buns, etc to hold the hotdogs.

Deck the swimming pool walls

Not everybody will want to be swimming the whole time, no matter how amazing your new pool might be. For those sunbathers who would rather simply watch the children play in the water, a deck is an ideal spot for them to unwind and enjoy the festivities.

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Make a summer song list

No pool party is complete without some music! It might take some time to collect the tunes and come up with the best list, so you will need to begin early on this project. Keep your playlist lively for the energetic section of the day, and change to a mellower mood when evening appears and you turn your swimming pool lights on.

We hope you got some helpful tips from this Memorial Day Pool Party guide. Keep in mind, do not stress! Your guest will have reminiscences of the fun they had at your pool party, not the costly decorations or the best food!

Have a great Memorial Day!!

How to Throw a Memorial Day Pool Party