If you’re thinking about building a pool in your Tucson backyard, you may be wondering how long the pool building process will take. Getting your own pool is exciting and wanting to have it done as soon as possible is understandable. In this article, we are going to talk more about building your pool and how long it can take.

pool building

Understanding the Pool Building Process

There are many things to think about when you are wondering about the length of time it is going to take for your pool to be built. That depends on the provider you choose, the type of pool you want as well as the size and extra features that you add. While the time frame of pool building can vary, the below information will give you an idea.

Be Smart About Your Decision

pool building

This is a long term decision so you need to pick a pool builder that is not only a good fit for your budget, but you also want to pick someone that has a good reputation for pool building. Make sure the person you choose can help you through the entire process from the pool’s design to the finish.

Decide on a Date to Start

Once you’ve decided on the design and have gotten any permits that you need, you need to work on an official state date with your pool building expert. Most of the time this is around four to six weeks after approvals are received since there are other things that need to take place like securing a licensed electrician, plumber, landscaper and pool fencer.

The Pool Type and Completion Timeline

Tucson: How Long Is the Pool Building Process 1From when the ground is broken to when your pool is completed can differ greatly depending on the type of pool that you select. If you get a fiberglass pool, for instance, you are usually going to have a quicker install with an average of five to seven days. A concrete in-ground pool is going to take more time and usually is from three to four months.

Creating Your Own Backyard Dream Land

If you plan on having a lot of extra landscaping and modifications done to your pool during the pool building process, these things can take quite a bit longer than the initial building of the pool. You need to think about all of the things that are factored into the time it can take to get your pool done. While there is the normal timeline there could be delays because of unexpected things that arise.

When you are building your dream pool, we here at Premier Pools & Spas do everything within our power to foresee any problems so that you can get your pool done on time. We are here to help you through every part of the process so that you are able to move forward with your pool and have the backyard you have been dreaming about. Give us a call today to get started.

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