There are a lot of benefits you get when you use a solar pool heater for your outdoor pool Marin. Basically, any pool heater can extend the swim season and you make the most of your pool. But a solar pool heater can also conserve energy during this process. Additionally, compared to others, solar pool heaters are amazing luxury add-ons to your home upgrade. For this reason, they are great investments for the future.

What You Need to Know Before Installing

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Before installing a solar heater, make sure that your site receives ample amounts of sunlight. Otherwise, there is no point in getting one. Moreover, the heater’s design, placement, and efficiency depend on the amount of sun’s energy received by your site. You also need to get uninterrupted sunlight of about 4-8 hours daily for proper running of the heater.  Solar heating systems generally add 15° F to the temperature of your pool. However, this depends on the sun exposure, size of your pool and the solar panel.

When to Use Solar Heaters

One key point to remember is to keep the pump of your solar heating system close to the roof. Furthermore, some people tend to start running the solar heater even in Feb, March or April. But doing this means you need to put in more chemicals and energy. When the temperature gets only up to the 70s, your water won’t get heated enough. Typically, it should run around Mid-May and you must shut it down around October.

Solar Heating Reduce the Pool Costs

The most significant positive aspect of using solar pool heater or panels is that it reduces your swimming pool heating costs. Getting a solar heater for your outdoor pool Marin makes it last for around 10–20 years. To prevent heat loss from your pool, you can also use solar pool covers during the might.

In addition, it costs less than heat pump and gas pool heaters, ranging from $3,000 to $4,000. You can get the initial cost back in 2-8 years. Maintenance and cleaning process of solar heating systems is also easier than the other heaters. For proper installation and general maintenance of your pool and solar heater, contact the best pool service in Marin.

Solar Heaters Are Environmentally Friendly

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Building your own will always cost you more money and energy than when you don’t have one in your backyard. Solar heaters are environmentally friendly and help reduce your pool’s carbon footprint.  Solar energy is the cleanest energy which doesn’t use up natural fuel resources or produce harmful emissions.

A solar pool heating system first pumps your pool water from your pool and send to the roof to run through a pipe system. The solar collectors on the roof heat the water efficiently and send it back to your pool.  They also don’t make that humming noise you get with other heaters. If you got intrigued with how solar heater works, immediately get this green heating system for your outdoor pool Marin.

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