A stunning water feature engages all your senses and accentuates the beauty of your pool. Since there’s constant motion in the water, it is a relaxing and restorative experience for the body. A pool with a waterfall is a sight to behold. It serves as a centerpiece in your backyard and blocks outside noises. Depending on the type of pool and architecture of your backyard, you can select the right features that complement both. Here are some exciting choices for you.

Pool Waterfalls

add waterfall to pool

By combining elegance and simplicity, pool waterfalls accentuate the appeal of your backyard space. It recycles and filters the pool water to keep it safe and clean. You can choose many designs in a pool waterfall depending on your needs. There are natural stone falls and moss boulders to bring nature to your yard. Also, you can go for flagstone waterfalls or a fall that hides a grotto in your pool.

Pool Grotto

Build a natural grotto in your pool to create your personal oasis. It is made from a large rock boulder having a cavern-like space underneath. You can use this water feature as a luxury addition by adding a swim-up bar and spa to it. Also, you can swim under the grotto or make a splash with a slide on its top.


Bubblers or pool gushers are used to spout water from the shallow surfaces of the pool. These are smaller jets that shoot water and create ripples in the pool. You can adjust the height of jets in your bubblers. When combined with LED lights, they become the perfect focal point of your backyard. You can place them on the beach entry or tanning deck of the pool.

Beach Entry

Replace the steps in the pool with beach entry or zero-entry feature. You can use a slope at the shallow end of your pool to imitate the gentle descent of the ocean. The deck remains slightly under the water. The width of the beach-entry can be wide or narrow depending on your choice.

Pool Spa

An attached spa is a relaxing water feature for your pool. It gives a resort-like appearance to your backyard. The spillover spa acts as a perfect spot to soak and lounge at your leisure. When designing the attached spa for your pool, you can select natural stones or mosaic tiles to make it an appealing feature.

Deck Jets

pool equipment

The pencil jet or laminar is installed on the pool deck. It lets off a narrow and arching stream of water into your pool. If you want additional effects, illuminate your deck jets with color changing LED lighting.

Sheer Descent

A sheer descent fall appears like a thin sheet of glass as it flows down the pool wall. The opening of this waterfall can be as wide as you like it. You can mount it flush with a top surface on the pool for an elegant and modern style.

These are some irresistible water features that you can add to your pool.

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