Adding a waterfall feature to your pool might be one of the upgrade ideas that you have for this swimming season. Whether you re doing a new pool construction or you are upgrading a current pool, a waterfall feature is a great choice for your pool. In this article, we are going to talk more about why a waterfall feature is the best thing to add to your pool as well as the different options you have.

Waterfall Feature Options & Benefits

Rainforest Waterfalls

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If you want to have a backyard that feels like an enchanting rainforest, a rainforest waterfall feature might be the best option for you. These features mimic the sounds of a rainforest to give you the soothing and relaxing sounds of the water entering your pool. Most pools that have rainforest waterfall features stack rocks and stones on one side so the water exits the waterfall as a slant. If you have a freeform pool, this is a great feature to add because it will give you that natural feel.

Arch Waterfalls

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If you want features that are elegant and beautiful then arch waterfalls are a great option for you. You can set the waterfall up so that it is coming from a stone spout with a thin stream of water that comes out into the pool. It is perfect for those people that have a swimming pool on a hill since it will be able to sweep into the swimming pool. The waterfall’s arch narrows as the water gets closer to the pool. While some people install them on their own, if you do not want to have the hassle, we will be glad to help.

Water Curtain Waterfalls

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Your pool will have a contemporary feel when you add a water curtain to your pool. A water curtain is a waterfall that is a straight down flow of water. You want to place the water curtain at the end of your pool so you don’t cause safety issues. These features have quickly flowing water and lots of it.

All of the aforementioned waterfalls are a great way to add beauty and enjoyment to your swimming experience. While you may not be sure exactly which feature you want to choose, these are some great options for you. You need to look at your pool and how it is set up to know which of these features you want to install.

Getting Started With Your Waterfall Feature

When you are ready to get started with your waterfall feature, you should think about the size of your waterfall and its water pressure. Checking your pool’s dimensions to ensure that your new installation is going to have enough space will save you a lot of struggle.

When you are thinking about the necessary water pressure, you will need to buy a water pump that is able to keep a consistent flow of running water. You need to determine the ideal flow rate for your waterfall from the units of size vs the power of the pump. If you find any of this information confusing or if you are ready to get started on your project, make sure to give us a call today.

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