What could be finer than your own backyard pool to escape the Dallas summer heat! Whether you’re contemplating a day of merriment and games with your family or an afternoon of sun bathing with your friends; the pool is the place to head to! If you don’t have one installed yet, now is the perfect time to consider building one. This comprehensive guide shall aid you in ascertaining what your swimming pool type is!

swimming pool type

Determine Your Ideal Pool Design

You can choose from many designs and styles depending on your personal preference, convenience, and requirements. Keep in mind your backyard space and its surrounding to find the perfect pool shape and size. You may opt for a traditional open design or go for an asymmetrical natural shape as well!

 Above-Ground Pools

The reason these pools are gaining popularity is the light material they are constructed from. This makes it possible to move them should you decide to relocate. They also come with more reasonable price tags as compared to the conventional swimming pool type. So if you have decided on a pool and affordably priced construction is what you seek, then these are what you should be looking for! They’re also easier to install in any kind of terrain. Moreover, you can always choose to festoon the deck and custom design it later.

swimming pool type

In-Ground Pools

Gunite swimming pools come in solid geometrical shapes and are also available in freeform shapes. They are built on site right in your backyard! The designers offer a wide range of shapes and sizes that you can choose from. So what you see is what you get! Additional water features can be incorporated in the desig, as well as any other additional you may want.

 An Indoor Swimming Pool

You may want to consider having a covered pool if it is important for you to use the pool all year round. An indoor design must be surrounded by at least three walls. They come in various geometrical shapes. The cost of heating is considerably lower in these simply because they are better insulated than the outdoor variety.

swimming pool type

Personalize your Pool

Having decided on the material, shape, and size of your pool, you may now want to add some features that lend it a more personal touch. Go back to ponder upon your vision when you decided to have a pool installed. You might consider adding one of many water features. Choose between a water slide for kids, jet streams, a bubbler, or elegant waterfall!

The kind of feature you install may depend on whether you use the pool for exercise or for fun and entertainment.

Add Character to your Pool and Deck

Adding area lights, a bridge or an island, or rocks with a water cascade can beautify your pool immensely. A fireplace can add warmth and bring character to your deck! The sky is the limit to make this swimming pool type reflect your personal sense of style.

This is your haven where you can relax quietly in leisure or entertain your family and friends when you want company!


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