A custom spa can be a great addition to your luxury pool. Swimming pools with raised spas are perfect to create a backyard refuge where you’ll enjoy a great time. You can splash and swim in the pool and then take a relaxing soak in the spa. There are many ways to integrate a spa with a swimming pool. Here check the five best design options for pools combined with spas.

Attached Spa Design

Pool and Spa Building

A spa can be raised adjacent to or outside the pool. The spa appears as a separate entity. The raised spa can be designed in any size or shape. If it is an attached spa, its design can blend with the design of the rest of the pool. If you want to give your pool spa a distinctive appearance, you can go for an entirely opposite shape.

The elevated spa and pool can be finished in the same materials, to have a complimentary look. Leave the joint wall between the spa and pool uncapped to define a more cohesive appearance.

Cohesive Spa Design

choosing a pool builder

In this design, the spa is designed inside the swimming pool. This way, it appears as a part of the overall shape and design of the pool. It is best to build a raised, integrated spa into a side, end, or corner of the pool. A dam wall can be used to separate the two water bodies to ensure the cold pool water does not seep into a heated spa.

The shape and design of an integrated spa can vary. Also, it can be finished with plaster and material of different color to provide some contrast between the pool and spa.

Raised Spillover Spa Design

A raised spa lends a chance to incorporate the audible and visual appeal of a spillover. A spillway can be created by designing one or more of the spa wall at a lower level, or by designing an open space. This will give water the space to flow into the pool.

Mostly, the spillover appears like a thin sheet of water pouring down into the swimming pool. If you don’t want to avail narrow spillways or wide cascades, a funnel-like spillover spa design is a great alternative.

Detached Spa Design

Spa care

It is one of the most popular designs for raised spas. It enhances the design and enjoyment of a pool. For a small swimming pool, designing a spa in a separate location could allow for a bigger spa.

Also, this will provide you more privacy and a relaxing escape.

Raised Perimeter – Overflow Spa Design

This is another popular pool and spa combination design that creates a unique effect. The spa walls are placed at a lower level than the level of water. This way, the water spills over its perimeter as well as into the pool.

The perimeter-overflow spa design can be attached or inbuilt in the pool. If it is inbuilt in the pool, it looks as the spa is floating on water. Get the spa finish done with tiles to enhance reflectiveness of water while it flows over and down.

Raised spa designs can recreate an entirely new look for your pool. Just select the right materials, shapes, and patterns, to get the desired look.

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