The idea of renovating your pool sounds overwhelming. But, there are many reliable contractors to renovate Charlotte swimming pools to your heart’s desire. Whether your pool needs a complete makeover or some minor additions, they’ll create what you want. Here are six interesting ideas that you can use to transform your pool with dramatic effects:

modern pool designs

Clever use of LED lighting

highlights not only your pool but the entire backyard. There are many latest LED lighting features that you can put to a purpose. You can add underwater lights or border lights to accentuate the looks of your pool. Another option is to go for up-lighting to highlight landscaping elements around the pool. If you have trees on your property, create a line of lights to illuminate the area.

Charlotte swimming pools

Fire Features

You spend a wonderful time near your pool during the sunshine. Also, you can make the most of this space after sundown. All you need is a comfortable seating surrounding a fire feature. There are options like a fire pit or a fire bowl that you can install in your backyard. It creates an inviting space to spark conversations and stay warm near the pool. A fire feature can bring both ambiance and excitement to Charlotte swimming pools.

Change the Tiles

If the traditional tiles in your pool are showing the signs of wear, it’s time for a change. You can use glass tiles for an instant makeover of your pool. They lend an artisan feel. You can experiment with the accents and colors of tiles to create a visual symmetry that shines through the sunrays. But, choose the tiles that complement the existing looks of your home. The difference should be visible but not overbearing.

Charlotte swimming pools

Use Water Features

With a custom water feature like a waterfall, you can add a luxurious style to your swimming pool. It also creates soothing sound and masks the noise of the surroundings. Waterfalls can be simple or extravagant depending on your preferences. If you want, you can also integrate a pool fountain for a spa-like atmosphere in your pool. Additionally, there are features like slides, splash fountains, bubblers, and hot tubs to give a dramatic makeover to backyard swimming pools.

When it comes to pool decking, there’s no dearth of styles and materials. You can go for options like cement, brick, or wood. Cement is obviously the most popular choice as it lends strength and durability to the deck. It can be stained and painted in any way that pleases you. If you think your cement decking needs a makeover, you can either re-stain it or choose another material like natural stone. For a cohesive flow across the landscape, natural stone is a wonderful option.

Upgrade the Coping

Coping or the cap on the edge of your pool is a necessary element. Apart from supporting the structural integrity of the pool, it also adds decorative accents to the structure. You can create a cohesive look by pouring concrete along the coping. For enhanced looks, stain or stamp the coping with material of your choice.

These are some amazing ideas to give Charlotte swimming pools a dramatic makeover.

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