Landscaping around inground pool designs brings to mind a relaxing afternoon, a pulsating BBQ party, and lot of fun with kids. With the right landscaping, you can create an eye candy in your backyard. It should complement the architecture of your house and suit the design of your inground pool. Here are some stunning ideas to consider before you install a new swimming pool or upgrade what you have.

1. Create a Home Spa

spa therapy

Add a hot tub spa to your swimming pool and pamper yourself whenever you like. Without stepping out of your home, you can enjoy Zen living with a natural stone raised spa attached to your pool. It creates an aesthetic view when combined with simple greenery and landscaping pebbles in the surrounding.

2. Install a Wood Deck

Create your own woodland near the pool with a wood deck. In beautiful earthy tones, a deck made from reclaimed wood will define a rustic charm for the landscaping. You can also include a fire pit in the mix to create a cozy environment in your backyard.

3. Classic with White

If you have a stunning blue swimming pool, surround it with pristine white colors for a fascinating landscaping idea. Choose a combination of white with red bricks for pool deck and patio. You can also paint the planters in white to go with the theme.

4. A Tropical Retreat

Choose creeping plants around the pool to soften the concrete and other building materials. It adds a tropical feel to the backyard and echoes the natural look. Choose tropical plants and flowering shrubbery to create your personal oasis. Phlox can fill in the nooks and crevices in the natural stone retaining walls.

5. A Variety of Containers

backyard pool landscaping ideas

Your love for greenery needn’t be restricted to the ground. Instead, you can choose a variety of planters to spread the green cover throughout your outdoor space. Even if your poolscape has pavers or natural stone surroundings, you can choose a mix of containers to create a relaxing vibe.

6. Boxwood Hedges around the Pool

The clipped boxwood hedges add privacy to the pool area. But, that’s not all. They also add elegance and luxuriant green expanse to your garden. Whether you are floating in the pool or enjoying the view from the patio, it makes you feel surreal in your surroundings.

7. Ready for the Show Time

The modern inground pool designs can be transformed into an entertainment hub in your backyard. If you have enough space, build a larger pool to accommodate your family and friends. Keep the landscaping elements minimal and add lots of seating options on the deck. To create an ideal party pad, install a TV and an outdoor kitchen as well.

8. Light up the Area

With vibrant and warm lighting, you can transform your backyard into a glowing space. Light up the retaining walls and pool flow with colorful LED lights. It not only makes your pool look larger but also allows you to enjoy nighttime dips at leisure.

With these fascinating landscaping and inground pool designs, you can build a private oasis tucked in your backyard.

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