Luxurious water features bring elegance to your Gulf Coast pool. You can also integrate them with your existing landscape and turn it into an exotic private retreat. There are a number of ways you can achieve this, provided you take the help of a great pool builder. Apart from beautifying your backyard, water features enhance the value of your property.

water features

Benefits of Water Features

The joy of splashing around playfully in your pool multiplies with an addition of a water feature. They also bring nature into your home and add mystique to your backyard. Water features generally have designs that keep the water moving. This means that there is improved circulation for your pool.

With an amusement park style pool, it can be a fun party for the kids. You can also go back to your childhood, which turns out to be a great stress buster for you. Not only these, but it is also a terrific investment on your part. If you ever decide to sell your property, your pool will allow you to rake in more amount.

Types of Water Features

Fountains and waterfalls are the most common additions to pool areas. However, there are a lot of other options too. Small statues with a gushing stream of water coming out and flowing into the pool or a vanishing edge pool are few of the most impressive water features.

With options like a lazy river or a tropical oasis, you can bring any part of the world to the midst of your home. You can also get your contractor to show you some custom designs for luxurious water features. Below are some of the other popular water features in Gulf Coast pools.

Water features

Sheer Descents

Water in motion captivates our senses and what better way to enjoy the view than in a cascading sheer descent water feature! It appears like a thin sheet of glass with more width than depth or height. The movement of water and the sound when it hits the pool perfectly complement a modern, sleek pool.

Caves and Grottos

Adding to the water-on-water feature, the subdued beauty of rock will delight you in a cave and grotto style. Opt for natural looking rocks, stones or designs to get the most of this addition. But make sure it is in sync with the overall design and style of your pool. This style mostly supports naturalistic waterfall designs. However, you can also install it as a standalone element and as a focal point of your backyard.

Water features

Deck Jets

Also known as pencil jets, these water features shoot narrow streams of water into your pool. You install them into your deck or patio and be at the same level. They make for enchanting options by illuminating them with colorful LED lights.

Lighting and Fire Features

When you say luxurious water features, you don’t have to think of huge proportion and scale. By incorporating fire features and strategic lighting options, you can turn even your small pool into an alluring environment.

However, when your architectural style and creativity are in focus, make sure to hire the right pool builder. If you want to install a pergola roof or decorative elements, you need someone who has ample experience.