A vanishing edge pool is inherently luxurious. Also called as disappearing edge pools, these make value addition to your home. Building this incredible pool in your backyard is now possible with fantastic designs. Here are some cool designs you can consider.

Playing With the Shadows

infinity pools

Consider having a lengthy infinity pool that stretches towards the horizon. You can have a stone patio by your pool to relax after the swim. Swimming in the pool will give you a magnificent view of the natural surroundings in your yard. Relax on the lounge chairs in your patio. Take in the picture of your pool that seems never-ending and soothing.

Layer Your Infinity Pools

Consider creating two separate pools with one stacked up over another. Flush the edge of your top pool with a wall that leads down to the second. This arrangement will allow the water to fall over the edge and into the below pool. Creating such a design will provide a dramatic look to your pool. Transform your backyard into a gorgeous setting with this fantastic design.

Infinity Pool in a Tropical Setting

How about a limestone patio that is surrounded by a vanishing edge pool on three sides? Making this design more exciting by adding some palm trees in your yard. Use decorative urns or fire elements to add charm to your pool. Use the right furniture on your patio to relax after a swim.

Lights Add Life to Your Pool

infinity pools

Infinity pools work wonders when you have a natural backdrop. Even otherwise, these pools can create a magical atmosphere when decked up with lights. Consider adding the right colored lights that complement sunset. Having the right mix of colors will give more splendor to the infiniteness of your vanishing edge pool.

Lengthy Infinity Pools

infinity pool Dallas pool designs

Consider a protracted infinity pool for swimming laps. You can have one side of the pool lined with treetops. Extend a walkway to the center of your pool and decorate it with a planter. This design is a fantastic way to exercise while you take in the beauty of your pool.

Create A Simple Pool

Have some stairs from your patio that leads to the pool. You can have brightly colored sectional on your patio. Have this feature extend around the inset. Place your pool in a perfect position to achieve the desired never-ending effect. Consider using bright lights to light up your patio and some simple ones for pool borders.

Infinity Pools with Intricate Designs

You can build infinity pools with artistic and intricate designs. Have a large patio with limestone tile and lighted steps. Add a lower level to this patio and place some lounge chairs with extended covers. This architecture will resemble a dock. Consider having some palm trees and building a wooden deck around them. Once you have this set up ready, it’s time to build your pool around these features. Albeit the pool being simple, this design gives your home a very luxurious look.

Infinity pools are one of the most luxurious features to add in your backyard. You can make them more eye-candy by opting for creative and innovative designs. These designs will combine the pool’s aesthetics with that of your home.

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