A spa is a wonderful addition to your backyard. With proper spa maintenance, you can enjoy its perks for many years to come. In the winter, it becomes all the more important to keep your spa clean and usable if you don’t intend to shut it down. Here are the best ways to maintain your spa this winter.

Use a Cover

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Mostly, the loss of temperature during winters happens at the water surface. So, before the cool breeze starts, invest in a good spa cover. If you already own a cover, check its conditions before using. There shouldn’t be any holes or rips in the cover. You can also buy a winter blanket which is fiberglass insulated and vinyl covered to keep your spa safe from freezing temperature. This thermal blanket stays at the top of the water and keeps the temperature in check.

Inspect the Water Levels

You should periodically check the level of water in your spa. It becomes necessary if you don’t use the spa for a few weeks. If the water level is below the normal limits, it may prevent the pool pump from functioning. As a result, the water freezes and causes damages to pipes or equipment.

Change the Spa Water

Changing or replacing water is an integral part of spa maintenance. But, it becomes a tedious process if you don’t follow a proper procedure. When draining a refilling the spa, you should follow the user’s manual to each letter. Instead of waiting until it gets too cold outside making things difficult, you should change spa water and clean the tub beforehand. It ensures that you can use your spa without spending too much time in the outdoors for its cleaning and maintenance.

Maintain the Spa Filters

For the proper running of your pool or spa, you should follow a strict maintenance schedule. Clean the filters and cartridges at regular intervals. It is important because calcification from hard water and mineral particles can clog the filtration system. With timely spa maintenance, you can keep it in good shape. To clean the filters, use a hose to remove dirt and debris. Also, use a filter cleaner to ensure a smooth cleaning process.

Use Sanitizer and Test Strips

pool maintenance

Even when the weather gets cold, the water in your spa remains warm. It still invites microorganisms to breed and thrive in their surface. Hence, you should use a sanitizer and test strips to keep them under control. You can prevent contaminants from harming the spa water by using the best sanitizer.

Maintain Warm Water

Freezing temperature causes damage to both the pipe and the spa. If you don’t have a freeze protection feature in your spa, you should run the heater every 20-30 minutes. It makes the water warm enough to prevent damage of the pipes and equipment. Check the temperature of water at frequent intervals to make sure that the heater is properly functioning.

With these tips, you can easily ensure spa maintenance and protect your investment.

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