Your lifestyle and home reflect your personality, family, and interests. If you are among those who love living life a little distinctively, consider adding a spa to your pool. Maybe you can add a raised spa wall or go for a standalone spa as per your preference.

No matter which way you go, adding a spa to your pool will let you have a great time of privacy, enjoyment, and relaxation. Read this post to know how exactly a spa can be added to your already existing pool and make it look more inviting and refreshing.

Spa Design

How Can You Add a Custom Spa to an Existing Pool? 1

A spa is an excellent way to enhance the design as well as the functionality of your pool. The desired look for your spa can be gained only when you choose the right design. There are endless design options available for creating a spa. And the simplest one is to add an attached spa to an already existing inground pool.

A beautifully constructed and well-designed raised spa wall is a great way to upgrade the look of your already existing backyard pool.

An Attached Spa to Inground Pool

One immediate benefit of an attached spa is having a common connection to the water circulation system of your existing pool. It is vital as it enables this addition to blend flawlessly into the design layout and water of the pool. Also, an attached spa can be connected to existing pool equipment and can share the same water. This involves less maintenance and reduced monthly expenses, which makes your life easier.

Some of the popular custom solutions for attaching a spa to the pool are:

Naturalistic Spa

backyard designs

A naturalistic spa can be attached as part of your backyard landscaping. Attach a spa adjacent to your existing pool. This kind of spa can be enhanced with custom features, like rocks, plantings, and water features. In order to design your own perfect oasis, you must make the right choice of elements.

Spillover Spa

It is very easy to incorporate a spillover spa to your existing pool. Such spas are elegant and classic and can be placed adjacent to the swimming pool. This way, the pool and spa water mingle together and you require only a single pump to operate both these units.

A Detached Spa to Your Pool

How Can You Add a Custom Spa to an Existing Pool? 2

Another great alternative is to install a detached spa. A pool with a raised spa wall adds distinctiveness as well as makes the pool self-contained. For designing a detached spa, you don’t have to undertake any renovation work for your pool. The spa is installed as a separate unit beside the pool or any other area of your choice.

A detached spa is popular among homeowners because it gives them a separate unit and an option to be installed closer to the patio. However, a detached spa would require more money as well as separate maintenance work afterward.

Whether you select a detached or an attached spa, you must get the work done from professional experts in the field. Only this way you can gain a unique and custom look for your spa pool.

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