Matching the design of your contemporary pools in San Diego to your home type and lifestyle is a key factor to think about during the process of designing your pool. Before you choose the type of pool you want to purchase, you need to consider the type of life you live. If your home is classy, designing more modern pools like contemporary pools will most suit your needs.

contemporary pools

Tips on How to Design A Contemporary Pool:

Choose Simple Lighting:

Modern lighting is subtle and yet still offers plenty of light for you and your family. Everyone will be able to stay safe and feel comfortable around your pool and patio. Custom LED lighting for your contemporary pools permits light, which follows your pool’s lines, offering sufficient light without “flooding” your whole yard.

Choose Modern Decking:

The deck options of pool owners have grown tremendously over time, but you can still find some decking choices that are more contemporary than others. The key to maintaining a modern style is to select a deck material and design that will go with both your landscaping and your home.


You can use ultra modern patio furniture to complete the modern sleek look of contemporary pools. Simple wooden furniture and metallic, angular lounge chairs are both good choices. Obviously, they should match with the overall pool design.

contemporary pools

Fire and Water Features:

Modern pools are not simply areas for swimming and relaxing in the summer season. On the contrary, contemporary pools also need to be a visual marvel that wows your guests and makes you feel happier with your living situation. Fountains and waterfalls can be the types of pool features, which perfectly strike the balance between modern and classic. Fire features, alternatively, can add a captivating dynamic of contrast to the backyard pool. This will help make nighttime swim sessions and summertime cookouts as wonderful as a beachside resort.

Plenty of Lounging Space:

An important detail to all contemporary pools is that they are surrounded by lots of lounging space. The decking is usually created from pavers or stones, although it is not unusual to see wood decking too. The deck area is often full of modern and classy furniture that promotes relaxation and lounging by the pool.

Negative Edge:

Also referred to as an infinity edge, this type of pool has become one of the most common in San Diego pool design. Not only does this feature offer the impression of having an infinite stretching pool, but it will also help to highlight and bring out the glamour that surrounds it.

Glass-like Water:

Forget bubblers and fountains. Contemporary pools are all about ensuring things stay simple and pleasant, including having glass-like water any time there are no swimmers by the pool.

contemporary pools

Contemporary Pools – Conclusion

At Premier Pool & Spas, our pool experts can design and construct the most contemporary, state-of-the-art pools. Having constructed many contemporary pools in the San Diego area, we have done it all. Feel free to contact us today!

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