A new pool installation in your North Georgia home is a fun-filled addition for everyone to experience and enjoy the addition of water. Building a new custom inground pool requires budgeting and planning of time and finances before, during and after the actual installation.

new pool installation

Here are things to consider before you decide on a new pool installation.

1. Weather consideration:

Your location is without question sure to affect your lifestyle. It will definitely affect your decision-making with regards to your pool style and amenities. If you reside in an area where it rains a lot, you should think about adding some type of enclosure during your new pool installation process. In the meantime, if you live in a heavily-treed or windy place, a pool cover might make sense. It will help keep off unwanted debris and leaves.

2. Cost:

There are different types of pools and the price will differ for each. Because a swimming pool most often costs a lot of money, it is important to set a budget first after which you can work on the budget you have set. While it is entirely fine to have great dreams for the way you want your new North Georgia backyard oasis to look like, you should be realistic with regards to what you can pay for and which kind of swimming pool will best suit your loved ones and your needs.

3. Get the best pool contractor:

The pool contractors you select can really make or break your swimming pool. Not only do the professionals control the pricing and process, but their experience will also determine your pool’s visual aesthetic and functionality. You should work with the best Premier Pools, North Georgia pool builders for your budget and lifestyle.

new pool installation

4. Size:

Your pool’s size will not only depend on the space you have to work with but also on zoning laws and your budget. Our professionals will be able to help you to make the right decision and adhering to zoning.

5. What’s the reason for having the pool?

Do you want to emphasize your home with a new custom inground pool that has an amazing visual aesthetic? Do you want a simple pool to workout in after a tiring day? Or probably you have children and would like them to have fun during the summer season. When you want to start a new pool installation, knowing what you’re really searching for will help you figure out what you want and the amount of money you should invest.

6. Be sure to enjoy it:

While it’s essential to focus on all the details and costs of a new pool installation, do not allow these factors to deter you from building your dream pool. Plan your first pool party and get pool games, toys, and fun floats. Doing such things will help remind you why you really needed a pool in the first place; since they are amazing.

new pool installation


New Pool Installation: Hire Premier Pools & Spas!

Premier Pools & Spas of North Georgia has offered countless North Georgia homeowners with the pools of their dreams. We’ve constructed pools of all sizes and shapes to not only add value to their properties but also provide them with a perfect area to entertain family and friends year-round. If you want a new pool installation, we’re glad to help. Our team will help you select the right pool for your space, your lifestyle, and budget. Contact our team of professionals today.

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