What’s the Installation Process for Fiberglass Pools?

Working with a fiberglass pool is a quick, easy and economical process. Installing your fiberglass pool Charlotte, North Carolina could be executed within just one week. Here is some information you should know to get the ball rolling on your fiberglass swimming pool.

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1. Excavation Site
Your fiberglass swimming pool will need construction equipment for excavation. Access to your backyard is pivotal. If your house has powerlines blocking the way for a crane to deliver your pool over your house then there must be enough space on the sides of your house. Some homeowners come to find out that their driveway cannot support the weight of a crane. Knowing where access weaknesses are can be crucial to an expedited construction process of a fiberglass pool Charlotte, North Carolina.

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2. Laying Out Your Pool
A 3-D design of a fiberglass pool Charlotte, North Carolina will contain the measurements of your pool. This layout sheet is laid out with a string down the middle for positioning. The fiberglass swimming pool will be installed one inch below the patio. This is to leave room for a stone patio and other landscaping opportunities. Discuss what landscaping aspirations you have with your pool builder so they can better plan excavation to suit your needs.

3. Setting Your Pool
A fiberglass swimming pool requires large construction equipment which can be both exciting and overwhelming. Luckily, with fiberglass pools the need for a crane is short lived as it only takes about a week to install most fiberglass swimming pools. A crane may be necessary to deliver your pool to its predetermined position. Although some minor adjustments are common, usually once the pool has been lowered into the excavation point the swimming pool is level.

4. Backfilling
Backfilling is a process that happens after the contractor has checked for a steady level with your fiberglass swimming pool. This process is important to ensure stability of your fiberglass pool.

5. Plumbing
Plumbing a pool is the final step in making your backyard oasis. The experts doing your fiberglass pool Charlotte, North Carolina will have no trouble adding those special plumbing features to your pool. Jets by the seating? No problem! The plumbing will be done with just as much attention to detail as your pool aesthetics.

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Fiberglass Pool Charlotte, North Carolina

Leave your worries behind with Premier Pools and Spas fiberglass pools Charlotte, North Carolina! The experts will ensure that everything is thought of along the way. From your design, execution of design and details- small and large Premier Pools and Spas will bring the classic premier standard of quality pools. Transform your outdoor living space with a fiberglass swimming pool within as little as a week! What better way to entertain family and friends than with a cool pool on hot days or a warm, inviting spa on those cool nights. Our top notch customer service is to be expected with our installation of your fiberglass pool Charlotte, North Carolina! Contact Premier Pools and Spas to get a FREE ESTIMATE on a custom fiberglass swimming pool!

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