If you’re a pool owner or know somebody who has a swimming pool, you most likely know the issues pool algae can create. Roseville Pool Service professionals recommend that to get rid of pool algae from a pool and to keep it away is a responsibility that every owner of a pool should do at one point, or perhaps even regularly.

Pool Algae

A greenish pool spoils your pool party before it even starts. Algae are by far the most annoying, disgusting things about owning a backyard oasis. Why would anybody prefer a greenish pool over a blue pool? If you’re having a challenge of pool algae, there are great ways to fix the issue.

What can cause pool algae?

Algae often grow when the pH is unbalanced and when the chlorine level is low. Whether it’s your pool or a lake, algae can flourish anywhere where there’s no movement of water. The primary cause for algae is not using chlorine and poor sanitation. This offers the best environment for its growth. Algae is also popular in dimly lit areas, which is why it is normally found in pool corners and on pool steps or other gaps of your swimming pool.

What type of algae is it?

You will find different kinds of algae, and it’s vital that you know what you’re working with. Usually, you will see green algae; however, there are also black, blue and yellow algae. These can be quite difficult to remove. Algae like to hide in dimly lit areas and will grow under ladders as well as other places where you can see it’s shaded.

Pool Algae

How you can prevent pool algae from occurring?

While it’s possible to deal with algae, you should prevent algae from growing by sticking to some easy steps:

  • The filter system of your pool will be an important part of getting rid of dead algae, so make sure you clean them. You can also rinse them off and make sure to backwash D.E. filters or sand filters.
  • Regularly shocking your pool- This will knock the algae off the walls with a pool brush.
  • Keep the water balanced- The pool experts check the chlorine level in your pool water.
  • Turning on the pump- While you’re treating your swimming pool, you need to let the pump to run an entire day. This will keep the pool water from stagnating and helping the growth of algae.
  • Prevent algae from growing in your swimming pool using ultra-violet light.
  • Cleaning your pool regularly- by vacuuming the floor and brushing the pool’s walls.
  • Remove debris- Use a net to remove as much floating debris as possible, which include floating leaves and algae. You can use anything that will give good results!
  • Keep sanitizing your pool by making sure your swimming pool always has the right chlorine level in it.

Pool Algae

Keeping algae in check

By following good pool water care and ensuring your pool is cared for, you can swim all year-round without worry. Are you in search of a new swimming pool or an upgrade? Contact Roseville Pool Service to find out more about our pool selection! Do you need Repairs? To find out more about pool repair at Roseville Pool Service, please call us TODAY!

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