In these past few years, there has been a surge in the popularity of glass tile. It is the most costly kind of pool tile and is available in a lot of varieties. You can choose small glass tiles which are formed into mosaic designs for your Dallas backyard pool. This design option features a classic feel to it and can entirely cover the pool’s surface. If you want to make the design totally original, you should go for glass tiles in several shades of a similar color for a unicolor effect. Or, select glass tiles of different shades.

glass tile

The more costly the glass tiles, are the more depth, color, and clarity they will offer. Some of the glass tiles also shimmer when hit by sunlight. This provides a good visual appeal.

Here are Tips for Choosing Glass Tile Material for Your Pool:

Clear Glass Tiles:

Most pool owners consider this pool flooring material to be one of the most gorgeous kinds of tile. The tile is totally clear with a solid colored backing which offers the tile its shade. The backing provides glass tiles their shiny and sparkly look, as well as the depth you can’t get with opaque tiles. This kind of glass tile shines sections of the pool that get lots of light.

Opaque Glass Tiles:

These are available in lots of colors, which include the ones with a pearlescent or frosted look. You can position the tiles in any area without worry that coloring differences will emerge after installing. Though much less reflective than clear glass tiles, opaque types have their own kind of beauty.

glass tile

They do not show water deposits or dirt as easily as clear glass types, which most pool owners like from a maintenance viewpoint. You can get them in several finishes and textures, which can add visual appeal to your tile surface.

Common Styles:

Glass tiles are available in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors. The pool is the focal point in every outdoor space in Dallas, so endeavor to make yours stand out with a unique glass tile element.

Whether you want to use glass tiles in your pool’s coping, interior surface, decking or tile line, they will instantly create a sophisticated and stylish look. Regardless of which style you select, your design ought to be a reflection of your personality and your style.

Mosaic Glass Tile:

These provide a classy style that will offer your backyard oasis luxurious beauty. Remember that mosaic types are resistant to mold, mildew, and stain. They often show dirt easily so you’ll always know when they need cleaning. Because mosaic glass tiles are not porous and are resistant to damage by chemicals, pool owners don’t have to worry about bacteria or algae sinking into the glass tile.

The darkest mosaic glass tile often reflects light, instead of absorbing it. This glass tile is long-lasting and resistant to cracking due to weather conditions or heavy force.

glass tile

Glass Tile – Conclusion

You can mix and match glass tile materials for an appearance that is all your own. Get in touch with the specialists at Premier Pools & Spas of Dallas for tile ideas and options that can make your pool look stunning and even more fun.

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