Infinity pools are exclusive and rare. They provide an illusion of never-ending water edge and improve the beauty of your home. The pool’s aesthetic draws you in and gives a fancy feeling to your yard. Building an infinity edge pool of your dreams can be made easy by considering certain vital factors.

Basin Size and Shape

vanishing edge

There are different formulas to calculate the right basin size. But the main point is to have a basin that is large enough to hold the water flowing out of your infinity edge pool. There are three factors to consider within this requirement – wind, bather surge, and water-in-transit.

Water-in-transit is the volume of water you need to raise the pool. This must be done so that the water flows over and wets the entire edge. It also includes the amount of water that spills over the weir wall when the pool pump is in operation. Remember that, farther the water falling from the edge, more significant will be the water volume.

This implies that your catch basin must be spacious enough to hold all the incoming water. Miscalculating the size will lead to undesirable consequences.  You will also need additional volume to accommodate the water being displaced by bathers. You can determine this factor by averaging the number of people in the pool at any given time.

Your catch basin must be wide enough to hold the water on a windy day. Water flowing beyond the basin might erode the pool’s slope. The basin width depends on average wind velocity and height of the drop.

Waterproofing the Weir Wall

Your infinity pool must minimize the amount of water that migrates through its edge. Waterproofing your weir wall will solve this problem for you. Use a waterproofing agent to both sides of the weir wall. You may also want to waterproof the top, the freestanding edge of your vanishing edge pool. Improper waterproofing may cause water to seep through the wall. This further leads to surface delamination of the outside wall or causes a mineral buildup.

Water Auto-Fill System

Your pool water is subjected to splash out and evaporation. This is the reason why you need an automatic water filling system for your pool. Make sure to install the auto-fill units on the lower levels of your basin wall.  Consider using an electronic water-leveling device. This device comes with a high point and a low point. The high point helps to keep the water in transit when you activate the edge pump. The low point is ideally set for optimal operational level. A drop in the level will initiate the water fill line and balances the water volume.

Supporting Reflections

perimeter vanishing edge

One of the best features of an infinity pool is its reflective ability. Placing the return lines in the wrong place can cause ripples on your water surface. Surely, you are installing the infinity pool intending to have a glass-like water surface. Ripples on this perfect setting will ruin the pool’s beauty. Consider using in-floor returns with diverts that help to minimize the ripple effect.

Building a perfect infinity pool requires fantastic designs and consideration of technical factors. These will help you overcome pitfalls and create an amazing pool in your backyard.

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