Your backyard is your sanctuary. Do not let your equipment encroach on the beauty and flow of your outdoor space. Rather, stylishly upgrade to a beautiful pool equipment cover. Doing so will add a accent yo your backyard, organically blending the space together.

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How To Creatively Cover up your Pool Equipment

Covers, pumps, purifiers, and storage units are all part of the swimming pools entourage, but they aren’t the main attraction. So it is no wonder that so many pool owners are trying to find ways to discreetly cover up their equipment.

What Are Some Options for Covering Up your Pool Gear?

Outdoor experts, interior designers, and our modern families have created gorgeous ways to hide parts of your pool. The attention to detail has truly payed off in the form of  sculpture steel panels, handcrafted latticing, curated botany, and beach house-style panel fencing and more. There is a pool equipment cover to fit your unique aesthetic no matter what category or style your space may fall under.

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What About Wood?

Wood is so versatile. It can easily lend itself to so many different design identities. For instance, if you want a rustic look, simply use some reclaimed wood or re-purpose a previous project. Many pool owners have used things such as barn doors to create a wood enclosure for their pool pump. Wood is extremely cheap, so you have many options. Want a more modern look? You can easily DIY a pallet box for your pool equipment. No matter what your creativity leads you to, you can be sure that using wood will be both cost effective, aesthetically pleasing, and eco-friendly.

Modern Metals?

A very unique approach to creatively hiding your pool equipment is the strategic placement of metal . Some designers have created metal screens, walls, or even boxes to add an artsy flair to your backyard space while at the same time concealing your equipment. How can you do the same? Play around with different textured metals and even different types. One modern home had a variety of different metal panels covering their pool pump . Behind each panel was a light fixture that created a very unique look that lit up the backyard at night.

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Totally into Tile?

Many pool owners have pool with tile. Tile pools are both elegant and beautiful. They give your backyard space a clean and elevated look. Tile can be used throughout the backyard. When it comes to concealing pool equipment such as your pool pump and filter, you can easily incorporate tile. Some home owners have built water features to cover the equipment. Such features include fountains and waterfalls that spill into the swimming pool. Another option is building a planter speckled with matching tiles to the pool to tie the yard together while still concealing your pool gear.

No matter what materials you choose to take advantage of, there are endless possibilities when it comes to your creativity. You can always consult local pool magazines and draw inspiration from pinterest for idea on creatively concealing your pool gear.


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