Pool automation systems have recently become more easily accessible and readily available for home owners. Everyone is looking for ways to streamline their lives. Technology has become such a huge component of daily life because of the peace of mind it provides. Pools are no exception. Swimming pool automation makes routine maintenance a breeze and gives home owners more control over their swimming pool experience.

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Top Rated Pool Automation Systems

Pool automation will now automate almost every aspect of your pool. If you are a salt water pool owner you will certainly enjoy the convenience and benefits of automatic chlorination. To make things even easier chemical balancing, filtration, cleaning, temperature, lights and anything else you want to control in your pool and backyard can now be automated.

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How Does Pool Automation Work?

Automation is a simple concept. Making something that requires manual input relatively or fully programmable. What is at the heart of this program ability? All the equipment you use to operate your pool and spa including  can be turned on, programmed and operated by a control panel or power center. The control panel can be pretty basic. For instance, it could simply be a timer that operates your pump. It could also be very advanced. For example a panel that can be operated and controlled by multiple different devices.

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What Can I Automate?

Common backyard equipment that can be automated is listed below.

  • Water Feature
  • Pump and Filter
  • Cleaner
  • Heater
  • Salt Water System
  • Sound System
  • Valve System
  • Fire Pit
  • Lights
  • Chemical Dispenser

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What Are the Top of the Line Pool Automation Systems?

Zodiac Remote Pool Management System

What is so great about he Zodiac Remote Pool Management System? It is a budget friendly system that works well with multiple different devices. If you want to simply even further you can investigate theJandy iQPump01. This is a smart pump that is fully operational on its own. This is great for people who want more control of their pool pump and also maintain energy efficiency. 

Hayward Salt Water Pool Automation System

What is so great about the Hayward Salt Water Pool Automation System? Hayward is arguably the leader in pool and spa automation . It is best known as the best pool automation system on the market featuring automatic chlorination. It also included automated pH and ORP sense and dispense and fully compatible with major smart home systems such as the amazon echo, alexa, or google home. It comes with a great customer service feature that helps with easy installation and troubleshooting. 

Hayward Sense and Dispense

Why the Hayward Sense and Dispense? This is the industry leader in pool chemical automation. It works beautifully  with salt water. The system automatically balances the water chemistry. It will turn your pool into a smart pool that will require a lot less time to monitor.

Now that you have a clear picture in your mind of some of the industries leading pool automation systems you are better equipped to make a decision for your own backyard.

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