If you want to build a pool deck in Salt Lake City, there are several choices for you to think about. If cost is the largest factor in your decision, you might want to think about either concrete or wood. These two choices are inexpensive pool deck options than rubber, tile, or some of the other deck surfaces. Between the two choices, regular wood will often be inexpensive pool deck options in comparison to a concrete deck. In addition, concrete will wear a bit longer. However, the initial cost will be more affordable if you decide to use a wood deck.

inexpensive pool deck options

Lately, composite decking material has increased in popularity because of changes, which have enhanced its aesthetics and made it an eco-friendly option. Most of the concerns contractors and pool owners had about these products previously, like aesthetic and mildew issues have been resolved. This leaves composite decking as an extremely suitable choice for pool owners.

What is composite decking material created from?

This material is a mixture, which is often created from plastic and wood fibers. The wood fibers originate from wood waste products, such as scrap wood, pulp, and sawdust. The plastic put into the mixture is often recycled and may be either polypropylene, found in plastic packaging and textile, or polyethylene, which originates from recycled plastic soda bottles.

The plastic pieces and wood fibers are combined together and color pigments are applied. The combination is processed until there’s formation of a uniform design.

After that, it’s poured or pressed into its final shape. The process of creating composite decking can produce both solid composite lumber pieces and hollow shape.

The cost of the composite decking

One reason pool owners keep away from using this material is the cost. Composite decking might be a couple of times as costly as its popular alternative, pressure-treated decking lumber.

inexpensive pool deck options

But this comparison is not totally fair since it does not account for the money that pool owners use in maintaining a treated lumber deck, like the price of sealing, staining, and sanding the deck each year. There is the added cost of replacing damaged lumber planks. When these additional expenses are amortized over your deck’s lifetime, the composite decking actually emerges as the more affordable choice after only a couple of years.

Benefits of composite decking

There are several benefits of inexpensive pool deck options that pool owners have misconceptions about or are not aware of.


The material is durable as well. It’s naturally resistant to normal wear and tear, sun damage, and insect damage. Composite decking will not chip or splinter.

Low maintenance:

Composite decking does not need sealing, staining, or sanding. Actually, occasional hosing off is the only maintenance that this material will need.

inexpensive pool deck options

Inexpensive Pool Deck Options – Conclusion

If you live in the Salt Lake City area and want to learn more about inexpensive pool deck options, contact Premier Pools & Spas of Salt Lake City today. We’ll also be glad to answer any question regarding installing a new pool in your backyard!

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