Backyards and pools are for fun. But, you can’t leave this part of your house unprotected in the night. Rather, follow the sound pool safety tips to stay safe. For example, improper lighting makes your home enticing to potential invaders. Also, untrimmed shrubbery, holes, and unwanted pests can be an be an issue too. You can keep these inconveniences at bay with some fortifying ideas for your backyard. Here, they are:

Pool Safety Tips

Install Proper Lighting

When you are looking to fortify the safety of your home, motion sensing lighting is all that you need. It adds illumination to your home and scares away the burglars. There are plenty of options to choose the best lighting feature for your pool area. You can go for LED lights for in-pool installation. They keep your pool lighted for your night swims.

If you have additional pool features like a waterfall or a natural rock grotto, add lighting to them as well. For a well-lit backyard, you may choose solar landscape lights, porch lights, and string lights. They keep your backyard illuminated and safe for everyone.

How to Make Your Gulfport Backyard Safe 1

Add Fencing to the Backyard

If you need privacy in your backyard, fencing can serve your purpose. The fences with self-latching gates can keep your small kids and pets safely inside the yard. Here again, you’re spoilt for choice.

If you follow pool safety tips from the experts, you’ll come across many strong fencing ideas for your backyard. There are metal fences, wood fencing, or decorative fences that protect your privacy and beautify your backyard.

Pool Cover

Use Pool Covers

With high-quality pool covers, you can make your pool a safer place for the kids. Most of the sturdy pool covers can support the weight of an average adult without any damage. Hence, consider buying the best pool covers that can be locked in place when your pool is not in use. A cover not only protects kids and pets from falling in the pool but also keeps your pool clean.

Install Pool Alarms

Despite your best efforts, children can sometimes get past the pool covers. You can avoid a dangerous situation by using pool safety alarms. The alarm will tell every time when someone gets close to the pool.

Typically, there are two types of alarms that you can install on your pool. Wave alarms sense the waves in the water when a person or object falls into it. On the other hand, light alarms send a light beam around the pool perimeter and start buzzing when this beam gets broken. Choose the right type of alarm depending on your preferences.

Keep Your Pool Equipment Safe

The pool equipment such as filters, pool heaters, chemicals, and other electrical components should be stored safely. Keep them in a fenced area with a locking gate. You should never use the pool when automatic vacuum cleaner is operating. There may be falling hazards caused by the hoses of cleaners.

Follow these pool safety tips to make your Gulfport backyard safe and sound for the coming summers.

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