After a long winter of your swimming pool being closed, it is finally time to open it for the summer. Most people close their pools when the temperatures get too low and the pool opening happens around May. If the temperature is constantly increasing and reaching 70, you can open your pool even before Memorial Weekend. It is true that you might be looking forward to enjoying your swim time in the hot weather, but is your pool ready? Read on below for tips on how to get your Vacaville pool ready for the summer.

Pool Cover

Taking Off the Winter Cover

Removing your pool cover and just throwing it in the storage will not do. As you might have noticed, the pool cover surface will be full of dirt and debris. If you remove the cover directly, it will mess up your pool. Hence, first, clear the leaves and other material before taking it off.

The next step to do is clean the cover by giving it a hose down. Then let it dry completely before packing it away. If there is even a little bit of dampness, it could lead to the growth of mold and mildew when you put it in the storage.

Check the Water Level

If you have put in winterizing or freeze plugs, remove them and the water into the pipes. Clean your pool skimmers and make sure the filtration system is properly functioning. Now add water to your pool and check if it is at the appropriate level.

Next, move on to the pool circulation system. Prime your pool pump and make sure the valves are in the open position. Ensure that you let out the air from the plumbing and equipment and turn on the power.

Inspection and Repairs

Now is the time to give your pool accessories and equipment a thorough inspection. If you see any damaged or worn out parts in the pool pump or filter, get them fixed without delay.

Similarly, check the walls and tiles for cracks. With a pool brush, you can remove any staining on the surface or, use baking soda. Next, if you have removed ladders, rails, or diving boards, reinstall them before your pool opening and get ready to welcome your guests.

Atlanta Pool Chemistry

Check the Water Chemistry

Using a pool test kit, you can check a sample of the water. Then you have to adjust the chemicals accordingly. However, if you are not so sure about what treatment your pool needs, this job is better left to the experts. Start the pool filter and leave it on for a few hours.

Finally, shock the pool to remove any algae spores or bacteria. Let the pool filter run for another 24 hours. Now your pool is ready to swim in. To effectively get rid of the microorganisms from your pool, take the help of professionals. They will add other treatments like adding a stabilizer, algicide, or conditioner. With this, you have a healthy environment ready for the pool opening time.

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