What Are Some Top Must Haves for Pool Fun?

Finally have your dream pool designed and installed? Optimize your inground pool Charlotte! With these must haves you’ll be having fun alongside your family making memories to last a lifetime. These are some ideas to keep you comfortable and relaxed at your swimming pool!

Must Have Items for a Better Pool Experience 1

1. Water
Water you say?! Yes water! Swimming is hard work, you’re burning calories and spending time in the sun. Hydration is vital to keep those muscles happy and replenish any water you may have lost from the sun exposure.

2. Sun Protection
You know that you should wear sun protection if spending a long time exposed to UV rays. While sunscreen can be applied there are other ways to avoid the sun without putting the creams and sprays on your skin. Loose, lightly colored long sleeves can be a substitution for sun screen. Pavilions and umbrellas can be a nice escape from the suns harsh rays. If you protect your skin you’ll be back in the pool time after time!

3. Eye Protection
UV rays not only affect your skin negatively, but also your eyeballs! The glaring sun may suggest you sport a pair of sunglasses with UV protection, especially for extended exposure. Other eye protection for the pool is goggles. While your pool may have low levels of chlorine or none at all, wearing goggles will prevent small particles from getting in your eyes. Goggles are not just about eye protection, they allow you to see better under water! Let the games begin!

Learning to swim

4. Hats
A hat will protect not only a bald head but your hair also receives sun exposure. By protecting your hair with a hat, you will save money on those expensive salon visits. A large hat will also keep the sun off your face and shoulders, for further skin protection!

5. Towels
This may seem like a “go figure”, but towels are key to a great pool experience. Forget kids waiting impatiently, shivering for their towels! Have a stockpile in an outside storage bin so once the pool fun is done, everyone can grab their towel quickly. Investing in plush pool towels will be great for the tanners and getting comfy on the pool furniture.

6. Snacks
A snack is great to have around. Fruits and veggies not only give an energy boost but they can be rehydrating. Playing in the pool burns a lot of calories, you’ll find that after about thirty minutes in the pool your energy levels start to dwindle. Replacing those calories with a handy placed snack will make your pool experience that much better.

7. First Aid Kit
Accidents happen! Especially when people are romping in the pool. To be ready for most of the pool side emergencies, have a fully stocked first aid kid ready for all those bumps and bruises!


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Now Go Enjoy Your Pool!

On top of regular pool maintenance, these are some solid tips for optimizing your pool owning experience. You will be prepared for every situation that may arise. Feed your guests, cover up sensitive skin and eyes, and slap a band aid on that ouchie! Then get back out there and enjoy that pool! Now that you’re prepared for situations that may arise, contact Premier Pools and Spas to start designing your dream backyard today!

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