Swimming pool lighting makes your pool better. They add a dramatic dimension to the pool and enhance the swim experiences. The quality, number of lights, and the light arrangement in the pool also affect the safety of the people who use it. Lighting allows you to take full advantage of the pool even after sunsets. Here are some great pool lighting designs that will blow your guest’s mind.

Dress up Your Pool with LED Lighting

You can install LED lighting in pool pipes or coping to diffuse a wash of color all over the pool. LED lights to come in vibrant colors like white, green, magenta, blue, red, and green. Some advanced LED lighting systems offer pre-programmed lighting shows. You can select one or more color hues for a dramatic effect which will blow your guests away.

LED pool light

Use Fiber Optic Lighting with Some Intrigue

Lighting reflecting off the water is useful to highlight a special water feature like a waterfall. Light bouncing off water create unique shadows and mystery and you can use the same trick to jazz up the pool. You can install a rotating color wheel inside the pool through which light shines. As the color wheel rotates, you can see the light changing color. In this swimming pool lighting design, the light runs through fiber optic cables fixed inside the pool. With fiber optic lighting, you can make your pool’s water surface look like a star-studded sky.  The underwater lighting system can also be good for swimming safety as they bring so much visibility to the interior area of the swimming pool.

Co-Ordinate Lighting Effects with Tiles

The lighting looks different with tiles. For example, white color tiles reflect light while dark tiles absorb light. When selecting pool lighting, pay attention to the colors and hues of the tiles inside the pool.

LED Lights in Swimming Pool

Install More Lights for Better Illumination of the Pool

During the day, you will not need lights. But, if you are planning a party late night, you need to ensure the pool has enough lights; the more the better. We all know light diffuses across the water surface. But, the effect of lighting would be good only if you have enough lights installed inside the pool. If you have one or two lights inside the pool, they will only look like two headlights inside the pool. When you have more lights inside the pool, the beams will overlap each other creating a dramatic effect.

Light up Pool Pathways and Landscape

You need to up-light waterfalls, trees, and pathways with a muted glow. Landscape lighting complements other forms of pool lighting. Also, lighting upstairs and pathways on the pool eliminate the problem of darkened stairs and pathways. Such lighting also enhances the safety aspect. You can install a simple pathway light system or install stair lights to prevent missteps at night.

Adding lighting can make a huge difference to the aesthetic appeal of your pool. Lighting in and around pool adds drama, a mystery to the pool and its surrounding. Picking good swimming pool lighting designs can transform your plain pool into a peaceful oasis.

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