Add Value to Your Swimming Pool with a Pool Heater

Most people, including yourself, like to spend more time in their dream pool which they have built so fondly. But it is unfortunate that they have to keep it closed for the winter, until the spring. If you also have the habit of promptly closing your pool when the weather starts to cool down, stop

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Ways to Utilize Your Swimming Pool During Winter

When there are no hot days anymore people start to gear up and welcome the cool weather. One thing that homeowners tend to do in the cold St. Louis months is close their pools. But that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy your St. Louis pool during those months. For those of you who miss swimming

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Pool Heat Pump: Get the Most Out of Your Pool Year-round

A pool is a key financial investment. You should have an efficient pool heat pump to get the most out of your backyard pool be it day, night, rainy, sunny or winter. Picture the freedom of diving into your swimming pool with your children over winter break. Knowing children, once you allow them to have a great time in the swimming pool it is difficult to make them stop. Heat pumps are very

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