Pool Companies Near Me

How Should I Start Designing My Pool? Building a pool seems like a huge task — because it is! Searching "pool companies near me" will undoubtedly result in an array of different companies, but Premier Pools and Spas are the pool experts you’ve been looking for. When building a pool there are fundamental questions you will

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Automatic Pool Cover for Georgia Pool

Why Have an Automated Pool Cover? Water conservation, safety, pool cleanliness, energy efficiency and convenience are all benefits of having an automatic pool cover for your Georgia pool. A pulley system uses motor driven action that will pull your vinyl cover over the pool. The push of a button or turn of a key enables

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Fire Pit for Your Georgia Pool

Want a backyard fire pit for your Georgia pool? Creating a cozy atmosphere is easy with an addition of a fire pit to your backyard or pool area. Even though you’re in the South, Georgia can experience some chilly nights where there is nothing better than sitting by the fire. Family and friends will love this

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North Georgia In ground Pool Shape

What is the Best Shape for My New Pool? What Pool Shape Should You Choose? From where your pool will be located to what materials you will use during your pool designing process there will be some options to weigh. Your pool’s shape is a biggie! Function and aesthetics both have roles to play in your

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North Georgia Pool and Spa Options

What Should I Avoid When Building My Dream Pool? So you’re ready to build a pool or maybe just ready to think about it, that’s great! Building a North Georgia pool and spa can seem overwhelming with all the options available. With these simple steps you can alleviate some confusion and avoid future issues with

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