Pools never fail to beauty and value to any property in Dallas, TX. With different shapes, styles, and designs to select from, homeowners will definitely have unique pools in their outdoor spaces. As a homeowner, investing in a pool is important. Whether above ground or inground, a pool offers friends and family with a common spot to spend time and relax, during the warm summers in Dallas.

unique pools

If you are thinking about diving in and constructing the pool of your dreams, you might be scanning designs of unique pools and trying to figure out what best that suits your needs. Along with considering your personal preferences, it is important to also think about your available space.

Here are Ways of Having Unique Pools in Dallas:

1. Shape Up

You can begin with the existing shape of your pool, making it uniquely yours by altering some of your pools’ curves and angles. A couple of small improvements will make a considerable difference to the overall look.

2. Consider Indoors

While many people like installing their unique pools outside, no one is preventing you from having it in the house. Even a small lap pool is a wonderful addition to your space. You will have an area to unwind while staying away from the maintenance job associated with outdoor inground pools.

unique pools

3. Illuminating

Lights can add unique character to the pool as well. You can incorporate floating lights, border lights or even underwater lights. Adding lights can also increase the period of time pool owners spend in the pool, which makes it a common evening getaway.

4. Swim-Up Bar

When you envision going on vacation in a remote resort, do you picture they have a swim-up bar? Have you thought to add one in your own outdoor space? You will have a great time hosting pool parties for your family and friends in your unique pool, having its own resort-like swim-up bar.

5.  Fire it up

Homeowners can add water features or fire to create unique pools. There are lots of choices available like a fire bowl, for excitement or ambiance. You can also incorporate sprays, fountains or waterfalls. A look that’s truly trendy now is a rock waterfall. It offers a natural appearance to any pool.

You can give your pool its own unique style by using a different surface around the pool. The pattern and color of the pavers play a part in your pool’s uniqueness. Shade areas and landscaping can be added to create unique pools as well.

unique pools

Ready for Unique Pools in Dallas?

If you are living in Dallas and you want unique pools, Premier Pools & Spas is the best option. Not only do we provide unique pools and competitive pricing, but we also offer detailed updates throughout the entire process. We’ll work with you to get the pool project done in accordance with your schedule. Get in touch with us today for a free consultation and FREE QUOTE, and learn why we are the best pick for you!

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