Owning just a luxury pool is a dream that most homeowners have. You need to add a magical touch to your pool by using some of the amazing water features. These features serve as the focal point of attraction. Their beauty lures you into the pool. Here are some water features to consider while designing luxury swimming pools.

Waterfalls or Rock Waterfalls

natural pool waterfall

Use this water feature is you are planning for tropical themed or a lagoon styled swimming pool. The design choices are numerous and depend on your style and taste. From complex rock structures to simple ones, adding this feature will transform your pool into a place of serenity.

Rock waterfalls resemble natural rock formations. Don’t you relish the feeling of having a natural waterfall in your yard? This is precisely what you can expect with rock waterfalls. You can even customize these rock falls. These come with their own pump systems and add a touch of uniqueness to your pool.


water features

Luxury swimming pools with fountains are indeed a treat to your eyes. These elegant structures soothe the pool surroundings and enhance its beauty. You can use fountains in simple forms like having them at the edge of your pool. Complex design ideas may include intricate carvings and top-notch construction materials.

Pool fountains are found in several designs and shapes – deck jets, laminar jets, spillways, spout, and bubblers. Place the fountains in an appropriate location to see how they can add value to your pool.

Spillover Spas

Planning on using a hot tub? Then consider using spillover spas to connect your main pool to the tub. This type of water feature is ideal for luxury swimming pools that are elevated than the hot tub. This kind of arrangement lets you create the effect of smooth water transfer from one area to another.

Fire Bowls

fire features

Enjoy the superior effects of a fire bowl by your pool. Gone are the days when luxury swimming pools were installed with monotonous designs. Make your pool contemporary with fire bowls that bring in beauty and elegance. These simple elements inspire you to come out and enjoy your serene backyard.

They are made from different materials like concrete, copper, and metal. You can control the flames remotely as well. Consider using accessories like lava rocks and stones, fire glass, and illuminated stone base for an enhanced effect

Fire brings in a mystical element that can transform the overall aesthetic of your pool. Enjoy your evening by taking in the beauty of your pool. Relax by the poolside and appreciate the aura brought about by fire bowls.


This is a simple water feature that adds excitement through its spraying feature. It is made using plumbing that connects to your pool’s return. This arrangement creates a spritz of water. This feature is very popular with kids.


The scupper is characterized by small slots that open back right at your pool. It is generally made of small ledges that allow water to fall back to your pool. If you are looking for an easy-to-maintain water feature, then scupper must be your first choice.

Water features complement your pool’s beauty and soothe your mind. The calming and twinkling sounds of water in your backyard is sure to bring in peace and relaxation. Water features are available in plenty. You must choose the right ones based on your pool design, backyard space, and budget.