How to Make Your Pool an “All Safe Pool”

Adults should be aware of who is in the pool at all times to achieve an all safe pool and backyard. Children should not be allowed to swim without consent from a parent or an adult who knows how to swim while keeping an eye on them. With infants or toddlers, it is considered a requirement for a parent or guardian to be in the water with them, whereas older children can have a bit more freedom when swimming. With the older kids, a parent should always be aware when the children are in the pool, but don’t exactly have to be in the pool within arms length.

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The Rules of the Pool

When turning your backyard oasis into a safety sanctuary, we recommend following these safety habits. One of the biggest things you can do when trying to achieve an all safe pool is to make sure there is no running or riding toys on the pool deck. By not running or riding around the pool, kids can ensure their safety. Also, diving should not be allowed if the pool is too shallow. Another big rule is keeping all electrical appliances away from the pool side as well as household toys. Blow-up pool toys and other pool toys are safely permitted for pool use.

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Should You Invest in a Pool Fence?

Pool fences are a great investment for an all safe pool. Fences can keep children out of the pool if the parent is not watching or supervising and can be opened by the adult when the child wants to use the pool. The fence should be climb-resistant and at least four to five feet tall with no furniture or anything used to boost a child above the fence and over. If it is an above ground pool, then the ladder or steps should be removed from the pool when not in use or if there is no adult present.

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Other Safety Precautions

Pool covers can help protect a child from an unsupervised pool. Covers must not have any water on top of them when put on, and must cover the entire pool so a child can’t slip under it. Pool alarms can also keep the pool safe. Pool alarms, or even door alarms can make a sound or alert an adult when someone is either exiting the house to the backyard where the pool is, or when someone is even getting in the pool. Enlisting your child in swimming lessons can ensure your child’s safety when in the pool, too. Swimming lessons are recommended for children of ages four and up. Lessons help expand the child’s limitations of being in the water, allowing them to understand what you can and can’t do in and around the pool. Install a pool cover with Premier Pools & Spas to achieve an all safe pool in your backyard.

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