If you want to enjoy your Las Vegas pool for years to come, then proper maintenance is vital. This is why every pool owner needs to have basic knowledge of their pool upkeep. To keep every potential problem at bay, you might need the services of an expert Las Vegas pool maintenance company. But first, have a look at the main steps in your pool maintenance.

Pool Maintenance Essentials

For proper pool maintenance, you must first understand your pool to know about possible issues. Learn about the various elements in your pool, their functions, and about the pool accessories.

Parts of Your Pool

  • Filtration system
  • Circulation system
  • The pool water itself
  • Interior walls or liner
  • Pool skimmers and returns

No two pools are alike, but each pool has more or less the same steps for cleaning and maintenance. To keep your pool from healthy and hygienic, prevent contaminants, pollutants, and significant repairs, you need to follow these steps.

The Three C’s of Pool Maintenance

Las Vegas Pool Maintenance depends on circulation, cleaning, and chemistry.


Everybody knows that stagnant or still water is breeding grounds for many harmful microorganisms. Likewise, the water in your pool should be continuously moving so that it is clean and safe. Good circulation prevents cloudy water, pool algae growth, and other issues.

However, running the pool pump for 24 hours a day is not possible. Hence, you need to keep your circulation and filtration system running daily for at least eight to ten hours. Besides, regularly backwashing your filter removes the dirty water and contaminants from your pool.


Cement Pool Maintenance

The second aspect of Las Vegas Pool Maintenance is pool cleaning. This will become easier with proper pool circulation. Swimmers, runoff water from the deck, cosmetic products, and many other sources bring in all sorts of contaminants into the pool. Eliminating bacterial contamination becomes a top priority and an essential part of safe swimming.

Here are the steps in your pool cleaning:

  • Brush, vacuum, and skim the pool every week.
  • Apply baking soda on the delicate tiles and vinyl liners before you scrub.
  • Use a tennis ball to remove the oils and other contaminants.
  • Invest in an automatic pool cleaner to decrease the pool cleaning


algae in the pool

For a safe swimming pool, you must maintain proper water chemistry. The things you need to balance for proper pool water chemistry are:

  • Levels of chlorine, bromine, and other chemical sanitizers in your pool water.
  • The ideal pH level of your pool water is 7.4 to 7.6. Low pH levels indicate that your pool water is basic and high pH levels mean that it is acidic.
  • Alkalinity ranges from 100 to 150 parts per million (ppm) and acts as a pH buffer.

You can use a pool water test kit to check the chemical balance in your pool. Or, if you think this is best left to Las Vegas pool professionals, Premier Pools & Spas is at your service.

In addition to the above, you might want to add shock every once in a while. Especially after the rains or after you host a fab pool party. Shocking your pool keeps cleans the pool thoroughly, after which you need to run the pool pump for at least eight hours.

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