What happens to the dirt that comes out of my yard?

Great question! The short answer is “definitely not dumped into your backyard.”

Most of the dirt that is dug up for your new swimming pool is taken to various dump sites across town. Finding places to dump dirt can be challenging, especially if we’re digging a huge hole, so our excavators work hard to secure the necessary locations. Places like vacant lots in need of grading and new home developments are just a few places where dirt is placed.

Also, depending on your project and site elevation, some of the dirt we dig may be left on-site to be used by future trade partners. For example, our excavators could dig your pool, temporarily deposit the dirt on your property, and then another team could come in and use that dirt to create a pool feature you requested, like a rock wall or water feature.

So in short, you’ll never be left with a giant pile of dirt in your yard that you’ll have to remove yourself.

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