Eventually every swimming pool needs service, even with proper maintenance. As your pool ages certain things will need extra attention. If minor problems are ignored, or simply dealt with too late, your swimming pool will inevitably need repair. In this article we’re going to address the signs that you should look out for indicating pool repair.

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Signs that your Swimming Pool needs Repairs:


Although some minor issues may be able to be handled by yourself, it is always wise to seek the advice and expertise of professionals. When issues are approached this way , you avoid unnecessary pool repair. As soon as you notice that something isn’t quite right with your swimming pool, swift action is needed. What starts as a small leak or crack can become a huge problem if left untreated. A broken pump or clogged pipe can ruin your entire pool if left unfixed. Those are some more obvious culprits. What other problems can you keep an eye out for?

Discolored Grout

Discolored grout is a very common sign that is overlooked due to the inevitable nature of it. All grout will become discolored over time. Dirt as well as bacteria get lodged into the grout causing the discoloration. Chemical reactions between the chemicals in the pool as well as the natural particles in the grout can cause discoloration. Grout is difficult to clean so overtime the build up from those two scenarios results in the need for pool repair. The solution is simple, acid wash. Consult a professional when faced with grout discoloration.

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Blocked Pipework

Dirty pool water could be a sign that you are in need of a new pool filter, but what if the filter is working properly and the water is still murky. Usually this means that you’ve got a blocked pipe.To explain further, the piping that takes water to and from your pool filter is susceptible to pieces of debris in your pool. Bits of leaves and other natural debris can clog up the pipes, preventing the filter from doing its job. When you encounter this , it’s best to call a professional who can come unclog the piping for you.

Cracks in the Walls

Swimming pools have concrete walls , overtime cracks can develop. There are many reasons for this, the number one reason being repeated expansion and contraction as the temperature rises and falls. The problem is when cracks mature into leaks. This development can result in costly pool repair. If a crack is small enough it may have the potential to be sealed. However, leaks in a concrete pool can result in the pool needing to be completely resurfaced.

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Broken Pool Light

Perhaps one of the simpler signs that you are in need of pool repair is a broken light. When a pool light is broken a pool must be drained and the electricity must be shut off before replacing the light. This may seem easy enough, but the combination of water and electricity could be potentially hazardous. That is why it is best to left to a professional. Safety first!

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