A pool cover is important to help maintain your pool. It will help keep debris and rain out of your pool when you are not using it and reduce evaporation, helping you save money on water bills. Additionally, it will help protect against accidents happening. You’ll find many kinds of pool covers, but the solar blanket will not only cover your pool but will also capture solar energy to help raise the temperature. It will heat your pool during the day and maintain its temperature during the night.

A solar blanket will effectively warm up your pool by letting more sun rays enter your pool, while the pool’s heat gets trapped at night thanks to its air bubbles. You should keep your cover on as much as you can between swims. You do not have to attach this cover to your pool’s sides; it can float freely on your pool’s surface.

solar blanket

Saving water

A solar blanket will help to reduce evaporation, thus minimize the amount of pool water lost. So, you don’t have to replace so much pool water, meaning you’ll save more water. During the swim season, a pool cover will help minimize the quantity of make-up water needed by as much as 50 percent!

Save on energy costs

It’s an eco-friendly choice as well. The alternative is using heaters that can cost you when it comes to gas or electricity. When heating your pool using solar power, it will help you save on these non-renewable energy sources. If there’s enough sunshine, you might not need to use any other option but the solar blanket.

solar blanket

Saving more chemicals

Water loss because of evaporation will reduce pool chemicals as well. Replacing the chemicals together with the water regularly is important to ensure the right balance. But using a solar blanket will not only help in reducing water evaporation but will also help in reducing the loss of pool chemicals. For this reason, you will save more chemicals and cut back on costs.

Increasing water temperature

The main advantage of using a solar blanket is that it helps in warming your pool water. These work by trapping the sun’s heat within the air bubbles. After that, the heat gets transferred to the pool water. Usually, these covers will help raise the temperature of your pool water by anything from 10 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit depending on factors such as the solar cover’s bubble shape, the pool cover’s color, and intensity and number of hours of sunlight.

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