Nicheless Led Pool Light – Perfect Inground Pool Light

Homeowners in the SW Louisiana area who love swimming at night need niche-less led pool light. This type of light can keep their pool and spa accessible and safe without going over budget or sacrificing ambiance. The niche-less led pool light provides you with an affordable, quicker, and easier solution to adding colored lighting to

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Installing Swimming Pool Lights for Your SW Louisiana Home

Swimming pool lights will add a dramatic dimension to a pool and the surrounding backyard space in SW Louisiana. By illuminating the pool and creating radiance about the water, pool lighting will create a unique atmosphere that's amazing even if you do not want to swim during the night. Whether you want above ground or

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Pool Lighting – Add Safety and Ambiance to Your Backyard Pool

There are a lot of features that can transform your standard pool in SW Louisiana into a stunning entertainment paradise. From water slides to pool bars, your pool feature choices are limitless. If you want a functional, affordable, and simple, feature to make your pool stand out from the rest– pool lighting is your answer.

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LED Pool Light Bulb – Light Up Your Pool the Natural, Affordable Way!

A pool is an essential part of a home in SW Louisiana. It affects a residential property's look and appeal. A pool area is a good outdoor appeal for kids and adults as well. Having a residential pool means you can throw private pool parties and other fun events year-round. To control the ambiance of

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Pool Light Replacement – Add Beauty to Your Pool!

While swimming in a pool in the sunshine in SW Louisiana is undoubtedly good, nothing is better than a nighttime swim after a tiring day at work. Once you have installed your pool lights, darkness won't creep up on your backyard oasis. We at Premier Pools & Spas of SW Louisiana do pool light replacement

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Floating Pool Lights – Light Up Your Backyard Pool!

Floating pool lights are a perfect option when considering ways to light up your pool in SW Louisiana. They come in lots of styles and colors! You'll definitely find some to suit your budget and taste. This type of lighting isn't only an amazing way to keep the space illuminated, but also create the ultimate

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LED Pool Light – Illuminate Your Pool and Backyard!

Customized lights let pool owners in SW Louisiana change the ambiance and highlight architectural elements and water features. Illuminating your backyard oasis will help to create an ambiance in your outdoor space that is uniquely yours. Nowadays, energy-efficient LED pool light can help you extend the life of the pool into the night. It will

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Pool Lights – Create Your Own Night Time Paradise!

Adding pool lights can transform the feel and mood of your pool in SW Louisiana. They will add beauty and mystery to your outdoor environment. These lights will extend your pool's use so you can make the most of summertime evenings, enjoy taking a dip and socialize by your pool on beautiful nights. The pool

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The Process of Fiberglass Pool Installation

Learn About The Fiberglass Pool Installation Process Fiberglass pools might seem to be the simplest kind of pool to install. Simply excavate a hole and lower it in, right? In theory that is correct, but it isn't quite that easy. There are many aspects to the fiberglass pool installation process. However, when working with Premier

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