Landscape Design – the best hardscape for your backyard

When you are considering landscape design, usually the first thoughts are of shrubs, trees, and flowers. While these additions definitely add to the appeal of your backyard space, adding hardscape can create the backyard oasis of your dreams. Hardscaping is simply any design element that is not living. Strategically places rocks, walkways, and benches are

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Custom landscaping makes your backyard a relaxing place

Do you have a unique taste and like showcasing your style? Custom landscaping is the best way of doing that. For a customized appearance and a landscape that you’ll enjoy using throughout the day, consider transforming your home using a custom design that perfectly suits your lifestyle, reflects your preferences, and speaks for you. The

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How to keep a saltwater pool clean

If you have a saltwater pool, then you know how essential it is to learn how to keep it clean. The better you understand the importance of maintaining it, the easier it’ll be to keep your saltwater pool clean. Keep in mind, after all, a badly maintained saltwater pool can be hazardous for swimmers. A saltwater

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Solar blanket – keep your pool heated

A pool cover is important to help maintain your pool. It will help keep debris and rain out of your pool when you are not using it and reduce evaporation, helping you save money on water bills. Additionally, it will help protect against accidents happening. You’ll find many kinds of pool covers, but the solar blanket

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Pool safety – Have fun while staying safe

Enjoying a day in your pool with family and friends is a popular summer activity. Everyone can have a great time and stay safe if you take into consideration some pool safety steps. If you have a backyard pool, you should take measures to guarantee the safety of swimmers, especially kids, in and around your

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Louisville Water Slides –For Ultimate Backyard Fun!

A water slide is one type of pool accessory that will create lots of enjoyment and happy splashing for the children. A huge range of water slides are available and all will offer a perfect way to add the excitement and happiness of a fun park to your own pool in Louisville. If you're looking

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Considerations When Throwing Kids Pool Parties in Louisville

Throwing a pool party for your kids can be so much fun; however, it will take quite a bit of extra planning to make sure the party continues without trouble. Besides the common party staples such as presents and cake, you should deal with some additional issues before filling your pool in Louisville with kids.

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Patio Options for Inground Pools Louisville

Installing a pool in your a Louisville backyard is a huge investment. You want to be certain that you are making smart decisions about its design. Most of all, you want the patio to enhance your pool’s value and beauty, not divert from it. Apart from trying to get the overall aesthetics to work, homeowners

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Important Maintenance Tools for Pools in Louisville

Each pool in Louisville is different, not to mention the maintenance requirements. However, all pools in Louisville share a popular trait; they all need routine, regular care. It is the key to lasting pool life. Even if homeowners depend on the best service companies to maintain their pools in Louisville, they still should undertake some

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Swimming Pool Contractors Louisville – Custom Pool Ideas for Your Backyard

Are you considering inground pools and searching for swimming pool contractors Louisville that is known for stunning pool designs while wondering if it is time you had a swimming pool in your own Louisville backyard? If yes, you’ll find that getting started can be a bit daunting; however, if you research well and hire the

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