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New Years Means Building a New Attached Spa

It is a new year and that means it is time to build a new attached spa for your Orange County home. In this article, we are going to talk more about creating an attached spa that will make you want to be outside 24/7.

Attached Spa – The Ultimate Upgrade

attached spa When you are thinking about putting in an attached spa, you could be looking at the extra money it is going to cost and wondering if you want to fork out the cash. When you look at adding an attached spa to your pool, you may not have to put out as much cash as you had thought. This is because oftentimes the pool and spa are going to be able to share resources unless you decide to make them more separate. Speak with one of our pool professionals to find out the most economical way to move forward with your attached spa. As you are planning your attached spa, you may have some ideas from magazines or online photos. There are many different options to consider and many of them rival the beauty of even the most amazing resorts you have visited. If you have seen an attached spa you would like to model, we will be more than happy to work with you on making that dream a reality. There is no reason you shouldn’t have exactly what you want with your ultimate upgrade.

Is An Attached Spa Worth It?

attached spa Pools and spas have always gone together but over the years, it is mainly been with an above ground spa. Many people have opted to have their spas near a backdoor in order to be able to slip into them on a chilly night. Most of these above ground spas are not going to add an element of beauty to the yard, however. More people are seeing the benefit and beauty of the attached spa. If the look of your yard is important to you then you may want to look at an attached spa. Instead of guessing at the price and the work that is going to go into getting an attached spa with your swimming pool installation, speak with one of our professionals today and get a quote and how much a pool that is built to your desires is going to cost. You may find out the price is going to be less than you thought since you are already having your pool installed, you may get some good deals on the materials and labor.

Creating Your Dream Paradise

attached spa When you are creating your dream paradise, you are going to have this in your backyard for the rest of your life so do not miss out on features you would love to use. Instead of having to escape to a local spa, you will have the spa in your very own backyard. Having access to your own spa is going to allow you to have more time to relax and spend time with your family and friends.

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Hydrotherapy In your Redding Hot Tub

Hydrotherapy is a great way to make improvements in your overall health in an enjoyable way when you do it from the comfort of your Redding hot tub. Instead of having to go to a special place to experience hydrotherapy, you can decide to experience in your own backyard. In this article, we are going to talk more about hydrotherapy in your Redding hot tub. hydrotherapy

What Is Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is the external use of water in order to treat certain diseases and conditions. This natural therapy has been used for thousands of years and is still used as a treatment in hospitals to date. Just make sure that your hot tub is at least 95 degrees F so that you can experience the benefits best. Having the heat and experiencing floating makes being in your hot tub a relaxing time. Hydrotherapy in your hot tub will enable you to experience good times and relaxation. Warm water from your hot tub will cause your body to warm up and as your blood vessels begin to dilate and the amount of blood flow your body experiences increases. Now your blood pressure will reduce and your body will begin to rejuvenate. hydrotherapy

Enjoying the Benefits of Hydrotherapy

Your muscles always experience strain no matter how good of shape you are in. This is why it feels good to float in the water. Instead of having to do so much work, your muscles are going to be able to float so they can enjoy a nice rest. The streams of water that hit your back also give you a nice massaging feeling so you will be able to release tension. If you want to take your relaxation to the next level, you can always get some aromatherapy so that you will be able to enjoy your time in the hot tub even more. Aromatherapy and hydrotherapy; what a beautiful marriage. When you are enjoying the benefits of hydrotherapy in your hot tub, you should only go in for about 15 minutes. If you want to stay in longer from time to time, that should be fine but don’t make a habit of it. You could cause yourself to get dry skin instead of giving yourself benefits from being in the hot tub.

Using Your Own Hot Tub for Relaxation

hydrotherapy Are you tired of going to the local club to see if there is a hot tub available that isn’t overloaded with other people? While it may seem a little easier to go to the club when you want to have a nice soak, the truth is that you’re going to get a lot more enjoyment when you have your own hot tub for hydrotherapy. If you are nervous about getting your own hot tub and taking care of it and the like, you can speak with a professional about how they would recommend moving forward. Instead of being worried about the details, let a professional take care of those for you so you can think about the important things like enjoying yourself in your hot tub.

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3 Simple Things to Lift Your Fresno Hot Tub Cover

Investing in a hot tub and hot tub cover for your Fresno home is one of the best investments you can make for your peace of mind and relaxation. You need to know how to deal with your hot tub cover whenever you are a proud owner of a home spa. In this article, we are going to talk about 3 simple things to lift your Fresno hot tub cover. hot tub cover

Ways to Lift Your Hot Tub Cover

#1 – Low Mount Spa Cover Lift The low mount spa cover lift is a simple bar that can be used to lift your hot tub cover and fold it down while you are using it. The basic design makes it easy to install any hot tub and keep your cover of the ground while you are in your hot tub. If you are going to be taking your cover off single-handedly then this is something that you need. #2 – The Cover Roller If you are having troubles with your hot tub cover try adding some wheels. A cover roller has two arms that have wheels on them so you can simply roll up your hot tub cover when you want to use your spa. When you aren’t using your hot tub, you can easily fold it down so it is out of the way. There is no need to worry about stubbing your toes when you are walking by your spa. #3 – The Cover Valet Using the cover valet is another easy way to lift your cover even though it isn’t fancy, it is easy to install. There are dual gas springs that make it easy to open and close. Once the cover valet is in position, the cover lifter locks in place to be safe. This will block one side of the hot tub completely so if you want to see all of the way around this is not the one for you. hot tub cover

Having Your Own Hot Tub

Having your own hot tub and knowing how to properly maintain and use it is important. Instead of just having a hot tub, you need to educate yourself on how to prolong the life of your hot tub as well as how to keep the environment healthy. If you don’t take proper care of your spa, you are going to notice that you may experience cloudiness and other side effects. Taking care of your spa isn’t hard when you know what you are doing so speak with professionals that are able to help guide you toward the right maintenance routines. While there are many similarities between what you are supposed to do for each spa, there could be some differences depending on your system. Having a custom guide to your spa and its care is important so don’t forget to speak with someone that understands what your spa needs. The ultimate relaxation is waiting for you in your hot tub and now that you know some easy ways to deal with your hot tub cover so you can fully enjoy the experience. hot tub cover

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Inground Pool Prices in Indiana

Indiana is a famous town for its numerous tourist attraction sites. Locals can indulge in the construction of inground pools mainly for commercial use. This can broaden the tourist leisure activities during the numerous warm months in Indiana. Inground pools can also be constructed for personal use. They add value to the home and give it a feel of luxury. Before engaging in the construction of inground pools, there are several factors to consider that affect pool prices.  

Factors to consider before setting up inground pools in Indiana:

1. Initial installation costs It involves the cost of the materials used and the labor costs incurred. There are mainly three types of inground swimming pool types depending on the material used. They include: 2. Fiberglass pool It is a preformed shell that gets put into a leveled hole that has been dug earlier to form a pool shape. Delivery and installation costs are inexpensive. It is easy to clean and maintain the pool. 3. Vinyl pools They are popular due to their low initial cost, low maintenance, and versatility. They are also easy to clean. Their installation costs are fair. 4. Concrete pools It involves using gunite as a mode of application of the concrete that constitutes the pool shell. The installation pool prices are almost similar to those of fiberglass pools. In Indiana, pool prices may differ compared to prices in other states. What makes the difference is the overall maintenance costs. Fiberglass pools are the cheapest to maintain, followed by vinyl; concrete is the most expensive to maintain.

Size and location

Charges are made based on the covered square foot of the pool. Landscape i.e rough and rugged terrains are factors that determine pool prices.

Pool accessories

This depends on the shape you choose and the inclusion of additional accessories like slides, rocks, lighting, waterfalls, diving boards and plants at the pool and its immediate surroundings. Use of pool heaters is on the rise in Indiana. These are extras to a pool, and may also determine pool prices.


Swimming pool permits are handled by the local authorities. You can choose to use a licensed pool company to do the work for you or do it by yourself. Either way, a one-time fee is required to be paid before issuance of the permit. The fee is affordable. pool prices

Safety laws

Most municipalities within Indiana insist on the setting up of a pool fence to avoid accidents. Safety laws require a handhold at the pool edge to give people who fall into the pool accidentally something to hold onto. Make sure you adhere to all the pool requirements. Installation costs of fences and handholds are affordable. In preparation for the warm months in Indiana that give residents and tourists an awesome swimming experience, it is best to look at the cost implications before constructing your pool. This will help you know what type of inground pool to install, the extras to use and the overall maintenance costs involved. Let’s enjoy our swimming experience in Indiana!

Inground Pool Prices in Indiana

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5 Unusual Tips for your St. Louis Pool

How do you cool on a hot summer day? A dip in the St. Louis pool is the way to go. Making sure that your swimming pool is sparkling clean does not need to be as complicated as you may think. All  swimming pools are different, and so is maintenance. Regardless of whether you depend on a St. Louis Pool service provider to look after your swimming pool, you will still have to do a couple of things on your own to make sure your swimming pool stays in good condition for a long time. St. Louis Pool

Below are tips to make your St. Louis pool sparkling clean:

1. Get some baking soda

Outlets that sell swimming pool cleaner will often offer something known as an “Alkalinity Increaser” that is a simple choice for maintaining a pool’s pH levels. Buying some cheap baking soda from the outlet delivers the same objective, yet does for a lot less money. An Online search will show you how much baking soda you need for a swimming pool your size.

2. Make bathing suits an essential requirement

Your relative is allergic to the sun, so he swims in a T-shirt. A close friend forgot a swimsuit, so he takes a dip with his khaki shorts on. A swimming pool party gets a bit rowdy, and shortly everyone’s fully clothed in the swimming pool. In minor doses, apparel will do no harm. However, fiber dyes and frays can trickle when in contact with chlorine, making your swimming pool eventually appear cloudy. Always make it a rule that only swimsuits are allowed. St. Louis Pool

3. Throw in a tennis ball

Sunscreen and suntan lotion usually end up in the swimming pool after they are used on a swimmer, and can make the swimming pool dirty quite fast. Tossing a standard tennis ball into the swimming pool to float for some time will absorb up all those extra chemicals and oils, which do not belong in the swimming pool. It is okay to leave the tennis ball floating in the swimming pool over night or even consistently.

4. Supercharge the skimmer that skimmer

Skimmer baskets do an excellent job filtering out leaves and other foreign matter from your swimming pool; however, they also leave plenty behind. How can you make your skimmer to work harder? Take a used pair of pantyhose and wrap them around the baskets. Fine dirt, hair, and sand are no match for the tiny fabric holes. Make sure you clean out the baskets once every week and skim the pool surface for large particles every couple of days or as required.

5. Toe the tile line

Contaminants, residue, and dirt form gradually and stick along the tile area and water line. Cleaning this place once every week should decrease the speed at which the swimming pool gets dirty and cloudy because the residue on the tile does not get washed into the swimming pool. Cleaning this area every week also decreases the accumulation of calcium. It is also best if you clean the walkways and cement around the swimming pool area to minimize the water getting grime and dirt. St. Louis Pool With the help of these unique and simple swimming pool maintenance tips, you will be able to have a cleaner swimming pool each summer. Maintenance and time wasted pouring chemicals into the pool water will be minimized. A clear and clean swimming pool also gives a far more fun swimming experience for your loved ones. A frequently serviced and well-maintained swimming pool will also save you lots of money in the long run. Are you looking for pool maintenance services? Contact professionals at Premier Pools & Spas and you will never regret it!

5 Unusual Tips for your St. Louis Pool

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How to Create Your Own Halloween Pool Party in Vegas

If you are a Halloween enthusiast, you have most likely been making preparations for this year. (You may be contemplating: “Who might have a pool party on a cold Halloween night?” If you are fortunate enough to have one, or at least reside in a warmer environment and are intending to have a Halloween pool party, below are some of the creepy, must-have elements to include into your party decor:
Halloween Pool Party
Image source: thepresstribune.com

1. Pumpkins in abundance

It is time to harvest pumpkins in the backyard garden or the numerous pumpkins at the local pumpkin square. Floating pumpkins in your swimming pool is a nice method to decorate the pool. You can cut up real pumpkins and position small candles inside so your models can illuminate the swimming pool. If you do not wish to use real pumpkins, your local craft outlet has a large selection of plastic pumpkins that will appear just as attractive.

2. Skeletons, spider webs, and tombstones

It is time to get your decorations out of the basement. You should not hesitate to use the decorations you already possess and spice them up using some new decoration from the store. Other classic decorations you can use are spider webs, which you can place in trees and bushes surrounding the swimming pool. Purchase some tombstones and make a nightmarish scene in a corner.

3. Candles and bubbles

You can add laundry soap to produce a foamy pool. After the pool party, you should shock the swimming pool to break up the foam and then run the filter. Use candles to decorate the pool, creating a magical yard that is ideal for a backyard party.
Halloween Pool Party
Image source: www.pinterest.com

4. Plexiglass swimming pool cover

If you wish to expand your yard and make a dining area or dance floor, you may think of having a party rental service provider install lighted plexiglass panels over the swimming pool, or a stage over for a costume competition catwalk, or for the band to play. Expensive, yes and a fantastic creative approach to transforming your swimming pool area into an amazing area for large events.

5. Halloween songs/sound effects

Sound effects and songs are the best strategies to set the ambiance for the Halloween season. Sound effects may be great if you are not outdoors the whole time, or else the repetition may get quite irritating to your guests. There are many Halloween CDs available for children and adults that combine eerie/fun tunes. Or, create your own Halloween playlist.

6. Dry ice

For Halloween party this year, make an eerie pool with fog or dry ice machines. A foggy surrounding will give an eerie aurora to the backyard. If you put dry ice in the swimming pool, take safety measures and ensure that nobody is swimming. Skin burns can occur because of touching dry ice.
Halloween Pool Party
Image source: homecrux.com

7. Glowing hands

Do you want some unique illumination ideas in your pool? You should get some latex gloves and place a glow stick in all of them. Then, fill the gloves with air and tie them off, and set them afloat. In the dark, it is horrifying to see glowing, floating hands in the pool. Do you have more Halloween pool party craft ideas, please share with us.

How to Create Your Own Halloween Pool Party in Vegas

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Pool Parties in Austin

Whether it is relaxing by the swimming pool, soaking up rays in your designer bikinis, and sipping juicy umbrella drinks, Austin is definitely the place to have fun in the sun. So next time you are in the mood for crossing the bridge and getting wet, remember these pool party destinations.
Pool Parties
Image source

Enjoy Pool Parties at Places Near you:

Night bright

You simply need to go a bit south to enjoy this comfy neighborhood studio unit with access to a dazzling swimming pool and adjacent Jacuzzi, both of which appear much more welcoming when illuminated and glowing through the night. It is also worth mentioning that the premise has a pond with goldfish, while it definitely contributes to the landscape, taking a dip in that water body is prohibited.

Cube with a view

Located in Bouldin Creek, this sleek, small, three-story studio has the top floor of the “modern cube” that offers you Downtown views, while the ground floor is where you will find a rectangular swimming pool that is ideal for aquatic afternoon lounging and quick morning swims, and the screened-in porch with grill. As a bonus, the host even offers two bikes.
Pool Parties
Image source

Cano Cabana

Cano Cabana sits on ten sprawling acres. It’s a beautiful cottage equipped with hugely furnished and shaded patio area, jacuzzi, outside fireplace, and to crown it all, a resort-worthy swimming pool accented with waterfall. Lavishly adorned, private, and surrounded by palm trees, this vacation spot radiates some serious getaway vibes feeling.


Do you want to get away? Say goodbye to the cubicle and take in some seriously beautiful views at this 2,300sqft Hill Country villa. Contrary to most Airbnbs, where you need to creep around present property owners, the guest house, loaded with an elevator and gourmet kitchen, and also swimming pool are solely for you and up to ten friends for the weekend. Meaning, you get complete privacy for your certainly wet, perhaps wild, weekend.
Pool Parties
Image source

Primetime Playtime

This particular spot offers lots of fun for the young and old. Showcase your acrobatic abilities on the trampoline, and then make a grand aquatic entrance using the sweet water slide that offers an amazing experience.

Private Party

This stylish 1940’s estate located right in the heart of Austin is the place to visit if you want to kick it old-school. Isolated and shaded by trees, the property has a huge patio and deck furniture ideal for poolside hangs. It also has festive lights to help keep the event going long after the sun sets. In the meantime, go inside, and you will find bonus amenities, such as a grand piano and a massage room. You can also get a discounted massage from the host, a certified massage therapist. Pool parties have never been the same! Enjoy your pool parties in a unique way!!

Pool Parties in Austin

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Maine: Closing your pool for the Winter Season

Winter is approaching, and it’s time to start thinking about winterizing the pool. The key purpose of winterizing your pool is to protect it from damage due to the possibilities of your swimming pool water freezing over and pipes freezing and potentially cracking. If you close your swimming pool properly it ensures that it will stay clean for the next season.

Below are a few tips on closing your pool:

Closing your pool
Image source

1. Balance the chemistry of water

A few weeks before closing, shock the swimming pool using a non-chlorine shock or chlorine shock. Let the level of chlorine return to 1.0 to 3.0 ppm before you add any winter algaecide and your pool cover. Extremely high chlorine often breaks down both pool covers and algaecides. You should not add algaecide and chlorine or shock chlorine all at once and not just before covering it. Above all else, you should shock the night before you intend to close the swimming pool and let the filter run all throughout the night.

2. Remove ladders, cleaners, skimmer baskets, solar blankets, wall fittings from the swimming pool

Store these in a secure place during the winter. You should not coil pool cleaners hoses tight, and ensure that the hose and cleaner are totally drained.

3. Clean and backwash the filter

You will have to do one last brush and vacuum to winterize your pool. As soon as you are done, you should backwash your filter.

4. Lower the level of water

You may either use a submersible pump or your filter pump to lower the level of your swimming pool water. You will have to lower the level roughly 4 to 6-inches below the lowest plumbing line, usually the water return line. Ensure that the level of water is at least below the skimmer. You can take out the above ground swimming pool skimmer.

5. Drain all chlorinating, filtering, pumping and heating equipment

Many heaters, chlorinators, filters and pumps, have drain caps or plugs to permit water to drain out. All water should be blown out or drained, or it will freeze and crack. After draining Cartridge filters, Diatomaceous Earth or filter grids, they should be taken out and thoroughly cleaned. If the pump and filter is small enough to take it out and keep it indoors, this is recommended. If not, with the help of a little bit of air from a shop compressor or vacuum is used to blow out any water which might still be in the equipment. Make sure you always keep the drain plugs removed during the winter season and store them safely, in the event any pipes get un-winterized.

6. Empty your chemical feeder

For those who have a chemical feeder, now can be the best time to have it drained and emptied. When you leave chemicals in your chemical feeder during pool winterization, you may wreck your equipment. Make sure you put the top back on the chemical feeder and remember to put on safety gloves and goggles.
Closing your pool
Image source

7. Winter pool covers

You need to break out your inground pool winter cover or above ground pool winter cover to keep the debris out of the swimming pool. You can use a solid cover that keeps out the sun and all debris. These solid covers need to prevent algae growth and keep the swimming pool clean. You also need to use an air pillow. These types of air pillows hold the swimming pool cover up like a tent. As a result debris and water fall off rather than accumulating on the top. They also aid to absorb any water expansion that may take place from freezing and probably lead to the wall of your above ground pool to split. Do you want to save money and time after the winter? Closing your pool properly will ensure you get prepared for the coming season.

Maine: Closing your pool for the Winter Season

pool maintanance

New Orleans: Tips on Pool Maintenance

The thought of having your own backyard swimming pool is always a homeowners fascinating dream. It is easy to have daydreams about spending long afternoons lounging at the poolside while cultivating the ideal tan, hosting weekend parties, and taking on a rejuvenated workout routine. Although, in those daydreams, an important element of swimming pool ownership is usually ignored: the pool maintenance. Without the right pool maintenance routine, your swimming pool could give in to various problems; algae accumulation, green water, and broken filters, just to mention a few. Nobody would like to rest by a swimming pool that is not properly maintained.
Pool Maintenance
Image source

Top 7 pool maintenance tips are:

1. Enzymes in the off season

One way of wading off contaminants such as pollen, bird droppings and other organic matter that might enter your swimming pool during winter months, is using an enzyme product that will break these down. The product will also decrease the amount of scrubbing you will need to do come spring.

2. Use a mid-winter Algaecide

The battle against algae does not cease just because you are unable to take a dip. On the last day of swimming pool operation, add algaecide that is created to remain in the water for a long time. For full circulation, you can run the pump for a day and then switch off your system for the winter season. A product that lasts for 3 months will make sure your swimming pool is protected for a huge part of the winter months.

3. Use the right cover

The best covers are those with a loop-lock feature since you can vacuum and hose off debris frequently. It also helps to keep your swimming pool protected from kids and wildlife.
Pool Maintenance
Image source

4. Add chlorine

Before you close your swimming pool in the fall, add a little chlorine to the water to ensure it stays clean throughout the winter season. Chlorine can also be added during spring just before opening your swimming pool. This helps to get rid of any algae that might have grown over the winter season. If your pool has green algae come spring, you can start dealing with it by shocking it and running the filter. Keep testing your water throughout the winter season also and keep levels of pH and alkalinity correct.

5. Trim your trees

You might be asking yourself what your trees have to do with anything; however, if you have huge gardens or trees around your swimming pool, it is not unusual for falling branches in the winter season to puncture pool covers. All through the season, ensure that you remove any leaves or debris that might have built up on your pool cover.

6. Air pillows

If you have issues with your cover building up junk and water in the off season, you can use an air pillow to help keep the cover up and scatter the debris off the pool’s sides. This is especially helpful on above ground swimming pool covers.
Pool Maintenance
Image source

7. Do not drain the pool

Whatever you do, do not drain the swimming pool. This could lead to more damage than it will ward off. Looking after your water throughout the winter season will make for a less strenuous opening and maintenance during the summer season. If you want help maintaining your swimming pool, talk to a pool expert so that your swimming pool stays in perfect shape for swimming season and does not end up needing a lot of money in repairs. For great pool maintenance results, use a professional from Premier Pools & Spas.  We have the experience of maintaining proper pool chemistry that will help you save money and time!

New Oreleans: Tips on Pool Maintenance

pool exercises

Quick Workout Routines to do in your pool

Transform a lazy summer day in the swimming pool into a high-intensity, calorie-burning exercise. Apart from increasing endurance and offering resistance, the much of your weight will be supported by the water, which reduces pressure on the joints and body. Workout routine  in the swimming pool will also help joint mobility and balance.

Next time you go swimming in your pool, try out one of these quick workout routines:

Workout routine

 The flutter kick

Holding on to the edge of a noodle, the pool, or a paddle board; kick your legs quickly behind you. While splashing is enjoyable, you will get the best exercise if you keep your legs under water and concentrate on moving them quicker, not higher.

Cross knees to elbows

While in a standing position, bring one of your elbows down across the body to meet your opposite knee, making sure you are holding your core tight and then switch sides. Get the most out of the swimming pool and try this move by going to the deep end of your pool and just bouncing gently off your toe between each repetition. When you isolate the move them on one side it will burn out your oblique muscles quicker.
Workout routine

Noodle bicycle

Ride your pool noodle similar to a bike by pedaling your legs to thrust you forward across the swimming pool. You will first feel the burn in your legs, but the cardiovascular catches up with you speedily.

Cross country skiing

You need to jump your legs back and forth while moving your arms in opposite direction. It gets harder the deeper you go. It is similar to using a Nordic Track but without the danger of both feet sliding forward.
Workout routine

Noodle plank

While holding the noodle in front of you, press down until you are in a plank posture with your body in a straight line and your toes on the bottom of the pool. This move’s much easier compared to the land version because the water is assisting in supporting your weight, so that implies you can hold it for a longer time.

Noodle flyback

Ride your swimming pool noodle like a bike; however, this time you can use your arms to do sweeping back and forth movements to move you backward across the swimming pool. You will feel the effect through your abs, shoulders, chest, and even upper back. If it is straining your arms, feel free to bicycle your legs also. Workout routine in the pool has two benefits, both for fun and fitness. What are you waiting for?  Call Premier Pools and Spas today!