Pools can enhance any property. They boost property value and bring fun and entertaining elements. With pool installation, comes the requirement of pool decking, which is the area surrounding the pool and separating it from the remaining part of the yard. Pool decks are prepared in varieties of materials, but wood pool decking offers some great advantages to users. Let’s learn more.

pool on wooden deck

Highly versatile

Your pool deck should conform to not just your pool but your backyard as well. Pavers and concrete are expensive in terms of cutting and shaping. Also, they need lots of leveling, layering, and draining to make sure they perform a longer time.

Wood pool decking can be customized easily in accordance with the shape of your pool and yard. It is easy to cut and shape, and it involves less leveling and drainage. It also holds an organic and soft appearance, catering perfectly to different directions and patterns.

pool on wooden deck

Blends well with other construction

A great thing about wood pool decking is that it saves you the hassle and expense of choosing and installing another product. That’s because it is useful for almost all kinds of constructions. From flower boxes and benches to an outdoor dining area, the same wood can be used for creating the deck and other elements in your backyard. As a result, you get added convenience and an aesthetically pleasing design.

pool decking wood


No matter which material you select for pool deck construction, it has to be sustainable. This will impact the entire installation work as well as how it will look.

Stones are definitely natural materials, but they are not very sustainable. In fact, most stones are shipped from other countries and involve considerable expense. Concrete pool decks need sealers to stay maintained throughout the year. Usually, the sealers contain high levels of hazardous VOCs that affect the environment as well as the health of individuals living nearby.

In comparison to stone and concrete decks, wood pool decking is more eco-friendly and sustainable.

pool deck wood

Lasting durability

Pool decks have to be tough. They must withstand extreme pressure, external weather conditions, and chemicals used for pool’s water maintenance.

Concrete and stone decks can lead to issues like cracks, frost heaves, and others. Modified wood pool decking, however, involves less maintenance and is proven to perform for a lifetime.

A welcoming sight

Pool decks made of wood are more resilient underfoot. They are more comfortable and softer to stand on. They don’t heat up much in the sun. So, avoid going for materials that will need regular maintenance and upkeep. Instead, create a durable and unique pool deck using your favorite wood to get most of your pool and backyard.

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